Monday, January 15, 2018

I'm Going to the Promised Land!

Ya know, after you write like 70 of these general emails you begin to run out of creative things to say. Also I typed half of this and then it deleted, so my general email motivation is kind of low haha :) I hope your are all doing well though! Always hoping for that :)

Things kind of got crazy over here in Long Beach. We assumed all would be the same with us, since Elder Hammack is still in training. But NOPE! There is your plan, and then there is God's plan. I'm headed to Cerritos, often referred to amongst Spanish missionaries as "the Promised Land" because the ward is super strong and missionary oriented! So I am ecstatic for that! Just kind of caught of guard, but it is all good. One of my old companions, Elder Harward, will finish Elder Hammack's training, so he is in good hands :) I am going with elder Harwards trainee, Elder Brant. It should be fun ^-^

BUT we did some great work this week! We found a guy named Edmund who we have already taught three times! We shared a talk with him by Elder Holland called "My Words Never Cease", and it changed everything. I would encourage you all to read it :) Anyways he will most likely get baptized. And Natalie is finally set for the 28th for baptism, which will definitely happen! So I am beyond excited for that! ^-^

I've thought a lot lately about giving appreciation to people. I think that there are many many people who do such wonderful things and love so much that on the inside feel on the whole un-influential and like a failure. Think of what difference a word of sincere appreciation would do for someone who doesn't feel like they are enough. In the spirit of Elder Monson, who we all love and miss, it would do us well to tell the people we love that, in fact, we love them! He always focused on the one, especially the one who was dejected or in need of a pick-me-up. Elder Eldredge has been telling me about the false nuclear missile alarm in Hawaii. It made him want to assure that his family and loved ones know how much loves them. Think of the regret he would feel if he didn't make that clear earlier, and then that wasn't a drill. Live in a way that if you or your loved ones were to leave the life without advance notice, you would have no doubt that they know that you love him.

Challenge! Ready, go! Give out 5 sincere compliments tomorrow! I'll do it too. I'm meeting a lot of new people, so it will be good :) 

Gotta go! Love you all! "Fear not, though the enemy deride. Stand tall, for the Lord is on our side. We will heed not what the wicked will say, but the lord our God we will obey." Have a great week! 

Elder Poulson

"Just call me a Super Hero!"
Check out that Superman curl!!  haha!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Time Flies on Wings of Lightning

Hey Family and friends! How have you been? :) Good? Good. Glad to hear it. Y'all are the best!  My week, true to the title, flew like lightning! Good though, a good fast. Always a good week on the mission ^-^

We taught Maria a couple more times, and she is growing in faith! She might have changed her swap meet time to Saturday so she can go to Church, keep your fingers crossed ^-^ A man named José is also progressing, he has read the Book of Mormon a lot but has yet to come church. He gets it a lot better now, so we have hopes for him. Natalie has been sick (like hospital sick) and then out of town, but we fully expect her to be baptized the 13th or 20th. She has the desire and testimony, which is just wonderful :)

I repeat what I said the first week here: I am happiest and feel the best when I am teaching people. I can't tell you how, because it takes a LOT of effort to teach, but it is wonderful. The spirit is what makes the difference, I guess :) But missionary work is mentally exhausting, let me tell you! 

Have you ever wondered why Nephi was so spiritually strong? I sure have. I studied it this week. It was based off a couple principles: first, he listened to his father. Then he had desire, which led to faith, humility, diligence, and worthiness. He also prayed quite often. Basic things, but despite being taught them all our lives, do we live them? Do we love them? Do we seek after these things? I feel that if we had a bit more desire, it would all fall into place. So my question for you is: where are your desires? What are you seeking after? What do you truly want? Where is your treasure? And if it's not where it ought to be, seek heavenly aid to change it, by prayer and by study.

Love you all! Have a great week and year and such ^-^

Elder Poulson

Monday, January 1, 2018

Hectic Holidays

Hello family and friends!

HAPPY HECTIC HOLIDAYS!!! Mine were actually only semi hectic, but it sounds kind of fun to put it that way ^-^

We had a productive week! A lot of people around home, and a lot not. And EVERYONE and their dog is sick, even though out is like 50 degrees at the lowest here. It all worked out though :)

We did make some progress with some new people though! AND we sent out a daily text, and two super old investigators got a hold of us, and one of them we taught twice in one day! (Over the phone) Verónica is now being taught by the other elders, and it is going great ^-^ Maria de Jesus is also going well. We are going to pray in faith that she gets a Saturday spot in the swap meet so that she can come to church Sunday. Prayers of faith are the substance of this work :)

I spent the week building myself on Christ. It was a wonderful experience I won't soon forget. He loves us. And that is perhaps the most important thing to remember daily. For if He loves us, everything will work out. His love us the only constant there is, and we can always rely on it for worth, strength, and motivation to return to Him and our Father in Heaven :)

I love you all! Set your vision high this year. Read chapter 3 of the teachings of President Hinckley, and with optimism and faith, to have a wonderful year! Shaka :)

Elder Poulson

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!! :D

Merry Christmas everybody!!!

All of my write home energy went to talking to my family over Skype (SUCH AN AMAZING CHRISTMAS GIFT!) so this will be brief.

Christmas was wonderful, it was a p day so that made it very fun :) We got to go give gifts to several investigators last night, which was splendid ^-^

Did you know you can build YOURSELF in Christ? It is quite spectacular. It happens when you shift your view of yourself from what it currently is to how Christ sees you. He sees you for the good in you. He sees you as His. And He loves you :) Seek to understand who he is, who you are, and how it all lines up.

Love you all! Bye!
Elder Poulson

It really was the BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT to skype with Elder Bry!!  He looks so awesome and is happier than ever!  We got to talk to his greenie and Elder Eldredge (his last comp).  
We loved every single minute!!  

Monday, December 18, 2017

It is Your Choice

Hello family and friends!!! :D Frankly, I remember about nothing from what happened this week... Seriously, I am racking my brains and I've got nothing.

Oh yeah! We had a Christmas party on Friday! That was kind of cool! Natalie came to that and to church, with her mom (who hasn't come in a very long time), so I was happy :) She should be getting baptized in the beginning of January, from the sound of things.

We didn't teach too many other people. It is hard to get lessons in around the Holidays. We DID help some random people move some stuff out of their apartment! Which was amazing, because we always offer to help people with stuff, but they always say no for whatever reason. They also said we could come back and share our message, so that was exciting!

Thought of the week: You can choose. Elder Kearon said that SO many times: you can choose to *insert phrase here*. You can choose to be happy. You can choose to live the Gospel. You can choose to follow the Spirit. The second you realize that YOU, you personally, can CHOOSE to do and be whatever and whoever you want to do or be, your life will change!!! Why? Because you decided it would. Now that comes from faith and hope and patience and love and determination and perseverance. But in the end, it is as simple as this: What will you choose to do? Who will you choose to be? 

Choose to come unto Christ and be perfected in Him. Specifically ask for His help to change. He will change you. He CAN change you. Because He performed the Atonement. And he understands exactly your barriers and obstacles and how you can overcome them.

"Repentance is new strength." Repentance IS change.

I love you all! CHOOSE to have a great week!

Elder Poulson

Monday, December 11, 2017

Training + British Seventy = AWESOME!!! :D

Hello family and friends!

I am writing this from a computer today... That feels weird now, I am so used to typing on a phone now. This is a lot better though ^-^ I hope you are all doing spectacular this Christmas season! Lighting the world and such always seems to cheer me up :)
This week was crazy and long but great! I'm typing this a day late because we had the wonderful opportunity to have a zone conference with Elder Patrick Kearon of the Seventy! :D Beautiful accent, even more beautiful advice! What really struck me was just how happy he was! He had a brilliant sense of humor, and you could just feel his love. He was just so... happy! And he essentially told us that we ought to be happy too! That we should work hard, enjoy it, stop worrying, and be happy. Definitely advice that I have needed before and continue to need at times ^-^ Serving a mission isn't exactly an easy thing. But it is something to be enjoyed. And that will come when we CHOOSE to enjoy it.
So I'm training! It isn't super hard though, because I have the one and only Elder Hammack! He is from Ogden area, Utah. I mean sure he is disobedient, trunky, and crazy, but it's okay. He jumped on a train once without me and I had to bike after him, but its whatever.

Naw just kidding :) Super fun, very prepared, we have been having a blast! ^-^ Teaching some good people too. We found a guy named Jose that is 16 and trying to turn his life around. We really want to be able to help him. Faith and hard work should do it :) Elder Hammack and I really do get along well, it makes doing the work so much easier when it happens that way.
In case you were all wondering, confidence is as much a gift from God as it is something acquired. In all reality, ANYTHING we want to improve on can come as a gift from God. When you pray at night, do you ask for God to help you change specific things, through Jesus Christ, by His Atonement? Repentance isn't just something we do when we sin, after all. It is a daily course correction. So if you find yourself feeling inadequate or in need to improve in any aspect, just pray for the strength to do it, for the strength to change IN Christ. When we really understand His Atonement, we will understand that He not just forgives us: He changes us. And that happens when we humble ourselves and ask in faith. For that reason, we are taught to "pray always" in the scriptures. If you haven't heard it yet, I would highly recommend the talk by Elder Bednar called "The Enabling Power of the Atonement". It explains it all SO well! :)
I bring that up because God has given me confidence and a brilliant self worth. And for that I am forever grateful ^-^
I have really learned lately to remember faith and love. Faith is a power that cause things to happen. Love is a power that causes hearts to change. Faith and love can change lives. That is how missionaries do it :) The greatest teachers seek to show how what they have helps those they teach. That is love. But to teach in the first place, you must have faith, for if you dont believe you can make a difference, you wont. Do you believe you can make a difference? Do those around you know they love you? And of course, never forget hope. Moroni 7 will explain that better than I can ;)

I hope you all have a great week! Love this Christmas season. It is a wonderful time to live :) This time is a wonderful time to live. The scriptures of multiple nations are before you. You have the plan of God and the guide to return to Him! You know your purpose in life, and you can accomplish that purpose! You can prepare to return to Him! You can be happy. Not always, but usually. If the Gospel doesn't do that for you yet, don't despair. You either don't yet fully understand it or have not yet learned to use it. Keep trying. Go serve. And remember the baby in a manger that caused legions of angels to sing in JOY!!!
I love you all! Have a wonderful week :)
Elder Poulson

Write me if you'd like ^-^ bryan.poulson@myldsmail.net

The Greenie....Elder Hammack

Monday, December 4, 2017

A New Missionary

1 And it came to pass that in the twelfth month of the second year of the proselyting of Elder Poulson among the people of Long Beach, his heart began to be anxious for the well being of the Californianites. 

2 And to the great astonishment of Elder Poulson, yea, even of all the Elders in the land of Long Beach, their great leader, even he who presided over the entire mission, President Patterson, gave unto Elder Poulson the assignment to... train.

So yeah, that happened. I am going to be training a new missionary! I had finally decided that I had a lot more to learn before I could train a new missionary, and about the same day I got called to do so! Haha I guess that is just how God works. Who the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies, right? ^-^ But I am now super excited for this next transfer! I will be staying here in Long Beach, probably for another 2 1/2 months.

For reasons though, I thought I was leaving... And took pictures with members... And said more or less goodbyes... so those will be some awkward funny conversations! ^-^ I get to spend tomorrow night with my old companion Elder Eldredge and his new missionary who has been with him for 6 weeks, so that will be awesome.

As for our investigators, we actually have a number of investigators making a remarkable amount of progress! Roberto is an enthusiastic investigator who already loves reading the Book of Mormon! He was super excited when we told him about it, and he has been reading. Evelia is a lady we taught on Monday who ended up in tears by the end of the Restoration lesson (funny how that happens when the Spirit is there). She is very willing to listen and find out if it's true, but has lots of questions. Which is great! It means that she really cares about if it is the truth or not.

We are also teaching a members niece, Natalie, who was already going to church a lot and who we thought was a member! 🤣 So we are teaching her, and already set a baptismal date for the 29th of December! :D Super exciting!

As much as a change is sometimes nice on the mission, I am happy to stay here. We are being blessed with "success" (it is something given more often than earned), but the best success is knowing that I am doing what Heavenly Father wants me to be doing. THAT is peace of mind. ^-^

Here are some food for thought questions. With the earlier questions, we tend to have more of a desire to say yes to them, but find them harder to perform. The later questions tend to be easier to perform, but harder to readily say yes to.
1. Are you willing to let your will be swallowed up in God's will for You?
2. Are you willing to live the principles taught in the scriptures?
3. Are you willing to follow the Prophet's counsel, submitting your will to his inspired counsel?
4. Are you willing to follow the counsel of your stake President?
5. Are you willing to accept and follow the decisions of your bishop and local leaders, as imperfect as they may be?
6. Are you willing to follow your parents in every sense in which they are righteous examples to You? (Teenagers, I'm talking to you)
7. Are you willing to trust that the spirit guides you, and gave the confidence to make decisions based on spiritual direction, be it subtle and despite anxiety and fears?

Food for thought. I love you All! I love being here, and I will continue to love it! That said, I also await the day in which I get to see you all again. Until then, "come unto Christ, and be perfected in Him" continually. Turn on the light. Drop the chains that bind you. And be happy. Love you All!

Elder Poulson

Monday, November 27, 2017


Why hello! How are you all doing? Not too much time today, but here I am! ^-^

We had a good week. Learned a lot, of course. Helped a lot of people out. I have been making people cookies, so that is fun! I love service. Service makes a huge difference in the hearts of those we teach, as does the word of God. It really softens their hearts to the Gospel.

Thanksgiving was good. Two dinners, one had people that spoke in total 6 different languages in attendance, the other we managed to finally talk with the kids of our ward mission leader, they are all members but don't go to Church. We are hoping to reactivate them ^-^ We will see how it goes.

George came to church again! He seems to like it. We are having a hard time setting a time to teach him... he won't be back til Christmas break. But we are going to teach him more. I am determined ^-^ We have some good appointments today which is why this is short :P

I'm sure you've all heard of the light the world initiative. Well now take it to a new level! Post that video on social media. And then do EVERY DAY of It! With your families if all possible. I sure would do it with my family if I could... ^-^ I know that small acts of service changes lives. Who's life will you change this year?

We are praying to have a white Christmas here in Long Beach. I'm sure y'all in Utah will haha ^-^ But if I get someone to dress up in white and make a promise with Christ to serve him to the end, manifest in baptism, that will be a white enough Christmas for me. Purer than snow for sure ^-^

I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Poulson

Monday, November 20, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello Everyone,

So, we had a really great week!  Lots of growth, which is always the goal!  I learned to build my foundation in Christ.  I feel His power in my life.  True optimism is centered on Christ.  In the end, all joy comes from our Savior.  Rely on Him. He will love you home. 

“Remember faith” too, I tell myself that often now.  If your faith is greater than your obstacles, you can always pull through to the end with a smile! :)

We had an investigator at church, finally!  His name is George, I’ve mentioned him before.  He surprised us, and seemed to love it!  Really, church was just wonderful this week because there was love apparent between each member and missionary.  

I am grateful to be here on a mission.  I have had to learn to love it, but now I can say that I do.  So wherever God has put you, find His hand in it, and BE GRATEFUL!!!  

Happy Thanksgiving,

Elder P

Elder Bry & Elder Price

Bry's former companion, Elder Eldredge & his new compainon

Monday, November 13, 2017


Gooood morning America! (I apologize to the few of you who are not in America: good morning to you too) How are you all doing? :D I am just chilling out here by the pool in my complex (BY the pool, not in it: no worries) and enjoying the sun ^-^ We had a good time this week. Let me tell you about It!

First of all, our investigators! So none of then came to church 

Sooo... Let me just rant for a second... at least every day this week, there was at least one person that saw us and just yelled "MORMONS!" and I just don't understand! Why!? I mean, if they were to say "hello mormons" or "hey mormons" or even something mean followed by "mormons", that would make logical sense. But they just see us, and it's like a dog with squirrels: MORMONS! If I see a random monk walking down the street (which is actually fairly frequent here), I don't just point at him and yell "MONK!" That would be weird!

Anyways, that is that. We put in some work this week, that is for sure. Biking all over this crazy city ^-^ We did get to ride in a car for one day when we had a member with us. That was actually really cool, because we found an investigator who dropped off the face of the planet the other day. This member is a returned missionary, and after he was super excited and shooting off ideas of how to help her. He then proceeded to receive revelation for her in Church! Really cool!

Last night, we stopped to pray to know where to go. We were in front of an apartment, and in the prayer I heard something and looked up to see a lady looking out the door. She quickly closed the door. So after, I kind of told her, "hey, sorry, you can come out now." She kind of peered out, and then out of nowhere just said, "Elder?" I suddenly realized I recognized her, and responded with, "hermana?" It was hermana Chavez, a member from my first ward in Ximeno! It turns out her mom lives in our area, but goes to Ximeno. So I guess that was where we were supposed to go! Haha :)

I enjoy being around people, I've found. I've noticed recently the importance of gratitude. Seeing as Thanksgiving is coming up, it is a pertinent topic ^-^ I love what our mission President shared with us: 

There seems to be an attitude associated with gratitude that requires that we think to thank. I can’t imagine the nine lepers being ungrateful to the Master for his act of mercy, but they failed to think to return and give the proper thanks. The tragedy of the story is that they missed the greater blessing of becoming whole, as was the case of the one leper who returned to give thanks. Perhaps that is why Elder James E. Faust said, “Our thanks are more than just courtesy toward God. Gratitude is a saving principle” (CR, April 1990). 

I realized not too long ago something that kind of startled me. In Spanish, the song "count your many blessings" would translate, in the last verse, to "count your many blessings, and then you will see how many blessings from Christ you have." To me, this time that we sung it, that meant something different to me. I realized an important principle: you can not be blessed by your blessings unless you are aware of and grateful for them. You will receive no blessings if you don't even realize they or there nor be grateful for them.

For instance, imagine a rich businessman. He has about every material blessing he could want. And yet how many rich businessmen tirelessly seek for more money, more power, more things? Why? Because they don't even recognize what have. They don't have gratitude for the blessing, so they don't receive the happiness that could come from it. Their lack of gratitude is to their own downfall.

Now that is just speaking of material things. What about us? We know of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have the opportunity to lay hold on every single spiritual and eternal blessing God has to offer us. As we follow the path our Heavenly Father has set before us, we receive great spiritual blessings and knowledge daily. But if we are not grateful for those blessings, we WILL NOT receive the wonderful joy, peace, spirit, and love that comes from those blessings. How well said it was, then, when Elder James E. Faust said, “Our thanks are more than just courtesy toward God. Gratitude is a saving principle” To be saved, we must be grateful.

So take a look around in your life. Push away negativity, and be GRATEFUL for what you have been blessed with. Be grateful for a place to live, for a family to love, and for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to follow. And be grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ, in which we will all be saved, and in which we can change daily and find confidence, joy, and peace. Be grateful, and you will be happy. I truly believe that ^-^

Well that is my 200 cents for the day, haha :) I hope you all have a great(ful) week! I would love to hear from any and all of you! Just click here bryan.poulson@myldsmail.net and shoot me something if you would like! Even a couple sentences would be great. I just like to hear from you ^-^ Take care!

Elder Poulson out