Friday, June 17, 2016

Together in the Temple

I'm not sure anything can bring more joy than being in the House of the Lord as one of your children takes out their endowments and experiences the temple in its fullness.  Bryan has been dressing up in his suit for school every Friday for years and then heading for the temple after school.  He loves doing baptisms and has always felt such a strong desire to be inside the temple.  He was so prepared to go through for the first time and be filled with the spirit that can only be found within the walls of the House of the Lord.  We are so grateful that his loving grandparents could be there with us.  I'm sure Papa Rex was with him also.....Bryan is very special to him.  Families are Forever!!

Friday, June 3, 2016

You've Been Called to Serve.......

After what seemed like a very long wait....Bryan's mission call arrived as we were getting in the car heading to his High School Graduation.  What could be better than graduating and receiving your mission call on the exact same day?  Kinda Crazy!!!  Bry decided to wait until the next day to open his call.  With all his family and friends there, he finally opened up his call and read the words we'd been waiting to here........