Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Week One in this Wonderful New World!

July 27, 2016


 I am SO happy I get to email home, and thanks for all the emails! I will try my best to answer them soon :)

      Hmm... Where to start... I guess I will start with the airplane ride here. Once we left our families, me and Elder Myers found our flight entrance almost immediately, mainly due to the literally 40 missionaries waiting to board the plane! XD It was great! We met a bunch of people and talked until our flight left. About halfway through the flight, Elder Myers asked if the missionary next to him would switch seats with me (since he was pretty much just sleeping). So that was good! Plus I got a window seat, so I got to see Mexico City as I landed
 Speaking of which, Mexico City is pretty insane! From above and below the entire city looks like some sort of children's painting, with all the colors you can imagine on buildings mixed together throughout the city! When we drove to the MTC, all of us missionaries got a nice bit of culture shock. All of the buildings are built next to and on top of each other, and all of them are in a state of disrepair to some degree. And the roads are ridiculous! All of the people expect each other to just merge when ever, counting on whoever is coming to stop dead in their tracks! Riding in a bus was pretty sketchy, but don't worry mom, before you have a heart attack, the MTC drivers are easily the most cautious on the road! They get us around safely :) Plus, we only go on the roads 5 times here, twice for airports and three times for temple
It took about twenty minutes to get to the MTC, which I immediately found out was actually called the Centro de Capacitacion Misional Mexico, or the CCM (pronounced say say em-ay). I later found out that it was originally a college, but because of the influx of missionaries, the church bought and turned it into an MTC!
 After a warm welcome from missionaries and getting through orientation and such (during which I got to play a piano for like five minutes to see if I could play a hymn the next day :D), I was off to find my room and companion. Me and my district are lucky enough to get houses (some have apartments). I ran into my companion when I walked in. His name is Elder Harrast, and he is a solid guy! He is actually surprisingly similar to me in a lot of ways
 In my little farewell post on Instagram, I said I was going on an adventure to a new world. I had no idea then how accurate that description was! After a devotional Tuesday night, my district (5c) and I were thrown headlong into spanish and lessons! When we met our instructors, they immediately started talking to us in Spanish and haven't stopped! Of course, they understand English, and will use it if we really aren't getting what they are saying, but it was still pretty crazy!
 That first day was literally the longest day of my life. Other than meals, everything was orientation, spanish and the Gospel all day! It got better as the days went on, since we started getting gym time for an hour each day and some study time where we could slow down a little bit. All of the missionaries kept telling us "just make it till Sunday"! We heard it so much, it became a joke, and we do not even agree with it. After the first two days, life is pretty good!
  The food here is actually pretty quality! They usually have two entrees, one Mexican and one English, so if the missionaries are picky (like me), we can usually find something we like. Plus they have sandwiches with peanut butter jelly and nutella every meal!
The weather here is fantastic! It rains at least every other day, and it never gets above like 85 degrees or below 65! It is like a little slice of paradise in the middle of Mexico City
I have felt the spirit so much here. Everyone is so united in purpose, it is easy to make friends, and I feel like I have known all of these people for months! My district is straight up the best! I room with my companion, and then Elder Taylor and Elder Vallinga, the second of which is the District Leader. It is pretty awesome! :D
 I am about out of time, but I will send more next week! Just know that I love it here, I love you all, and I can literally feel your prayers pushing onward and comforting me! I have gained such a strong testimony of prayer, thank you for all you do!
 Til next week
 Elder Poulson

A few bits of info from emailing back and forth with Bryan…..

Umm a quick summary of the answers to your questions! I see Elder Myers (Landon) all the time, we always talk when we see each other. The food is pretty good, but packages are always nice ;) I got pictures, but no letter yet, they get behind in the post office a lot. I am sleeping pretty well thanks to melatonin. My teachers are LITERALLY THE BEST! I love them! They are such wonderful people!

I am actually not very homesick at all! God said he would take care of yall, and I believed him, so I am not really worried, that is good!

Arriving at the MTC with Elder Myers

Breakfast at the MTC (nice chewing picture Bry :)

Elder Poulson's District 

Elder Poulson and his companion Elder Harrast

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

"The Hardest Thing I Ever Loved to Do".....The Airport Goodbye!

There is nothing easy about saying the final goodbye and watching your child walk away from you knowing they'll be gone for 2 years.  I've decided I'm terrible at goodbye's and no matter how hard I try, it's still going to be the hardest thing EVER!!  It was SO hard with Garrick and I was determined to make it a celebration the 2nd time around, but it was still the hardest thing EVER!  I am so proud of Bryan and his decision to serve the Lord and I wouldn't want him doing anything else, but my mommy heart just doesn't know how to handle saying goodbye.  It truly is the hardest thing I've ever loved to do!!!


Monday, July 18, 2016

Officially A Missionary

Tonight Bryan was set apart as a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  What an amazing experience for our family!!  We gathered together with the ones we love and listened as Bryan was given council & advice from the Stake Presidency and then set apart as an official missionary.  The blessing that President Eddington gave him was so beautiful and said so much about the incredible young man Bryan is.  We were all very teary and I don't think Bryan ever stopped crying from the moment he walked in until the moment he left as a missionary.  One of his best friends, Luke, was just made an Elder in preparation for leaving on his mission and was able to stand in the circle at Bryan was set apart.  Just a few days before this, Bryan was given the honor of being Luke's escort as he went through the temple for the first time.  The spirit was very strong in that room and I will never forget the sweet feelings shared between those I love most.  We wish Garrick could have been there, but he was there in spirit!

                              Bryan being Luke's escort at the Provo City Temple

Bryan's Last Words.....

Bryan posted on instagram just before he went to be set apart as a missionary.
I LOVE what he wrote......

"Tomorrow I leave my family, friends, and life as I know it to go on my greatest adventure yet.  My mission: to bring souls unto Christ and eternal happiness.  I know that what I am doing is right, for I know that The Gospel is true, and I will so testify today, tomorrow, and forever.  I love you all, and I'll see you in two years!"

Last Minute Prep and Goodbyes.....

Nothing like waiting until the last possible second to make sure Bry knows all the basics for heading out on a mission.  It wasn't until today that I showed him how to sew on a button and John taught him to iron a shirt (Yes....John's much better at this than me!), but at least we got it done.

Bry had one last get together with his squad.  These guys have been the best friends ever and they have spent SO many hours together.  Both Bry and Landon head for the MTC in the morning.  

I think he's all packed and ready to go!!! Here we go.....again!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Farewell Sunday

Bryan's farewell went SO well!!  It is always stressful planning and preparing for such a big day and huge gathering, but we got it done and everything went smoothly.  Bryan gave the most amazing farewell talk on the Book of Mormon.  At the end he bore his testimony in word and then in music.....he played the piano.  He arranged the piece he played and put so much feeling into it.  It was such a parent payday for us and we couldn't have been more proud of our son.  So many helped to make this day possible.  We could never have done it without the help of our incredible family and friends and the best ward family ever!!