Monday, August 29, 2016

Goodbye CCM, Hello California! :D

Qué pasa familia y amigos!? I hope you are doing well. I am writing this during a half p-day they gave me this Monday. I assume that my p-day will be on Mondays from now on, because I AM HEADED TO THE FIELD!!! :D No really though, I am so stoked! I want to actually use the stuff I have been cooped up in a classroom for 6 weeks learning ^-^

Not too much happened this week. We went through in field orientation, where they talked a lot about all the stuff we are going to learn in the field, but for the most part it was just a normal week.

I said goodbye to Elder Myers yesterday, my brother who has been with me from the beginning... Yeah, I sobbed a bit, but it is all good! Two years will fly by when I am on God´s time (Which would be now) I also said goodbye to a couple of people in my district that left this morning... Which was also sad. Yeah, lots of sad, and more to come, but I am excited for the field!

The MTC President has only spoken like three times here, but his talks are really inspiring! He teaches doctrine, but most of his talks are just a bunch of personal experiences he has had with the gospel. Everything from praying for his wife who fell down the stairs to be healed and then leaving her home because he couldn´t miss work in Mexico to praying for the rain to stop so that his family could visit ruins they had traveled for days to see, he really is just a shining example of faith! It is so cool!!!

Anyways, I am running low on time, but I can´t wait to tell ya´ll about my first week in the field!

Until next time,

Elder Poulson

Before Picture

So, if you're ever in Mexico....don't get your hair cut! 


First Day of Kindergarten                                           First Month in the Mexico MTC 

South Jordan River Stake Missionaries at the CCM together!
Elder Sierra, Elder Poulson, Elder Paul & Elder Myers

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Face Shots, Pillow Fights, Spiritual Slaps, and other CCM Violence XD

Right then! With that title to an email, I am just going to go ahead and start typing.

It was a really good week! Of course it had its ups and downs, which were a little more extreme than usual, but it is all good in the end, as usual ^-^
Umm alright, some highlights of the week:

-It took me about a week, but I got over my fear of being a goalie! So that is good. Anyways, I was playing goalie last Thursday, and Elder Clark, who is both the biggest and the nicest guy in the CCM decided to take a rocket at the goal. I could swear I stood there stoically, although my roommates assure me I cowered like a terrified child, as the ball bounced of my defender´s foot and drilled me right in the face! So that was... fun... But hey, I blocked the goal, so it was all worth it!!!

-New Latinos moved into our house, and they are insane!!! On day we walked into our house and they ambushed us from all sides with their pillows! Long story short, we gave diplomatic protection do one of the Latinos that wasn't Mexican, rallied the troops, and won the war! Viva America!!!

-Elder Myers was so kind as to let me know that our tags can be used as instruments. So I showed my District, and within five minutes, all of the Elders in our entire building were hysterically trying to use their tags to make sounds XD. I actually felt kinda bad, cuz our mission tags aren´t supposed to be toys, but it was really funny too!

-I got to play piano for a devotional!!! That was way fun :) Elder Alecc, who left last week, was about as much of a piano prodigy as Daniel Peterson, he would make up pro arrangements to hymns on the spot! But now that he is gone, I should be able to play a bit more :)

Alright, now for some spiritual stuff. One of our teachers, Hermana Zuñiga, talked to our district leader and his comp for like half an hour about how we all should be doing better... I thought it was a little over the top, but of course she was right, we can always be doing better. So my companions and I put a sign over our door that reads "awake my soul! No longer droop in sin, because of thy afflictions!" (2 Nephi 4) So we wake up our bodies, and then as we walk out, we hit the sign to remember to wake up our souls and re-kindle the desire in our hearts to bring people to true happiness!!! I love it :)

Also, I was in a devotional the other day and had a really profound thought I would like to share. The speaker mentioned how he had converted a girl who had periodic panic attacks as part of a medical condition. When I heard that, I realized something: we, as missionaries, aren´t the best. We are representatives of Christ, yes, but we have been given the privilege to know of the restored Gospel, and God is who gives us power to teach. These people we are teaching... Without the Gospel, they are still warriors, overcoming their personal afflictions with great courage! They are better than us. As missionaries, our job and opportunity is simply to break the chains of giants. And I am honored for that privilege.

So yeah, that is about it for this week! I´ll be about to be leaving for Long Beach the next time I email, so that will be crazy! 

Talk to ya'll then :)

Elder Poulson

Elder Poulson & Companion Elder Harrast

Soccer at the CCM

Have you been in class too long??? haha

Artsy Shot....Inside of a Rootbeer Bottle

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

It is a good day in the CCM!

Wazzup family and friends!

I am about out of time, so hopefully this isn´t too short!

So I had a really impactful mentality switch on Friday!!! I realized that if I spend all of my time trying to help other people here, the days are way happier and fly by quicker! Which you would think is kind of obvious, but still.

Although I am no doubt a missionary, my Comp and I agree that we have to keep reminding ourselves that we haven´t seen nothing yet, and that we aren´t going home in two weeks, but the other 16/17 of our missions! Time really is weird here...

Our schedule here is kind of insane sometimes! We realized we spend roughly 11 hours in our classroom PER DAY! So that is rough, but we are about used to it now. Sunday meetings are a wonderful break, strangely enough! It is so much easier to feel the Spirit here :)

There are now about 8 kids from Bingham here, plus one I knew three years ago who is in the same house as me!!! So that is weird. Me, Elder Myers, Elder Sierra, and Elder Paul all talked for like twenty minutes before a devotional, so that was really fun!

Spiritual thought of the week: As missionaries/members, we are all like chandeliers. The purpose of a chandelier was not to shine light, but to reflect the small light inside of it. When it reflects the light, it becomes a beautiful thing! Our job is to reflect the light of our Savior, always remembering that he is the source of that light, and we are but chandeliers, anxiously trying to reflect that light so that others can see it.

Anyways, sorry for the short email today, but know I am doing good! I miss you all, but I wouldn´t trade this time on my mission for anything!

Until next week,

Elder Poulson

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


How is it going people!?!? I realize that is pretty much hypothetical since ya´ll will see this on a blog and probs not respond, but I am gonna ask anyways! And assuming you would have asked back, it is going great, thank you very much :)
First and foremost, if ya´ll ever want to send me an actual letter, you can for free on (send to mpm.letters@gmail.com & be sure to put Elder Bryan Poulson in the subject line) as long as I am in the CCM! So if you want to, there is that :)

Umm, so it was a decently eventful week! Mostly I just have general stuff to say that I haven´t had time to say since the beginning of the CCM, so here goes!
Elder Detiege, one of the Elders in my District, unfortunately had to go home. He will return after he clears some stuff up. But don´t you dare think less of him! I have NEVER met a man with the work ethic of that kid! He was the worst at Spanish, but he worked so hard to be better! He said we were all the influence he needed to do what had to be done, and he is grateful for us all :) So he has my respect, and I hope to see him again soon.

Alright, Story Time! There are like five stories I keep meaning to tell but never get around to! But they are pretty funny :)
-I managed to kick my roomate in the hand... While playing volleyball... While trying to kick the ball at three feet in the air... And I drew blood. Hehe yeah I am a bit of a clutz sometimes
-My roomates were talking in our room once a little bit about how they wish they had just half an hour more of free time per day to just talk and get to know each other. And having had our purpose ingrained in to my mind, without thinking about it I said "Yeah. Too bad we aren´t here for ourselves." They thought it was like the biggest slam in history, and I still haven´t heard the end of it!
-My companion, Elder Harrast is, according to Elder Taylor, "HIGHLY favored of the Hermanas!" which is true, and not necissarily a good thing. There are at least three Hermanas here (one in our district) smitten by him, which is kinda a problem when you are supposed to seal your heart on a mission. But it is all good :)
-We have convinced a Missionary in our District that our DL´s real name is Peter Parker Vallinga! XD He loves to act like Spider Man, so it kinda sealed the deal!
-In case you were wondering: My nicknames that we aren´t allowed to use because we are missionaires are Nemo and Sweet Boy (Said half mockingly, half endearingly), my superhero is Captain America because of my undying moral sense, my villain is The Penguin because I am always just "walking around and doing my thing", and my Harry Potter character is Percy Weasely.
-I got put in charge of keeping our district on time... For any of you who have met me in person, that is probably hysterical to you since I am literally never on time :P

A Couple spiritual stuff, then I am gone:
-We had a live devotional broadcast from the Provo MTC, and it was a talk by Russel M. Nielson, so that was pretty awesome! He talked about being clean, obedient, and busy.
-At one of the devotionals, the speaker called us missionaries "Soldiers in the Army of God", but that the only weapon we need is to open our mouthes. I thought that was really awesome! I like the image of us being like the Stripling Warriors, strong enough to turn the tide of the war against Satan and return stronger and closer to God because of it!
-The missionary lifestyle is hard, but I understand the necessity of it. I love that we can completely devote ourselves to the mission and God, and have almost no other worries! And we have been promised that our families will not only be safe, but BLESSED because we chose to serve! I love that!

Anyways I am about out of time! But I love you all and will talk to ya next week!
¡Hasta Luego!

Elder Poulson

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Hey everybody!!!

A lot has happened this week, and I have about 20 minutes left, so I will try to cram as much as I can into this email!

First of all, I want to talk about my District! I am gonna give a little synopsis of each person, just because I can ^-^

Elder Harrast (my companion): Elder Harrast is, in one word, solid! He is surpisingly similar to me! He is very much a thinker, and is sometimes quiet just because he has nothing to say. He loves piano, likes 1 on 1 deep conversations, and is very clear minded (unlike me). He is AMAZING at soccer, but more on that later.

Elder Vallinga (Roomate and DL): Elder Vallinga is a good mix of serious and goofy. He is the perfect choice for our leader, and has a real good voice! He will just randomly do things that make his companion, Elder Taylor, look at him with mock despair, but he is an honest and good guy!

Elder Taylor (Roomate): I don´t think I have every met anyone as similar to Stockton Antczak than Elder Taylor! He is constantly messing around and slamming people, but beyond it all he is very focused and intelligent, and knows what he is doing. He is very good at Spanish, and constantly adds the humor element to the District.

The rest will have to wait till next week, but rest assured they are awesome!

You are probably wondering why I titled this email "FACIL DINERO". Well let me tell you! :D My roomates and I, plus elder Wengler, formed THE MOST LEGENDARY CAGE SOCCER TEAM THERE HAS EVER BEEN OR WILL BE IN ALL OF HISTORY!!! (Or at least that is the goal by the end of the CCM) We played soccer in this caged in soccer/basketball court one day, and found out two things: we all actually really love soccer, and Elder Harrast is literally the best player in the CCM. I don´t exaggerate: without him, we would be a bunch of silly kids trying to play a sport we don´t know anything about. But anyways, we play during gym time every day, and we played for like three hours today, so that is awesome!

I ran into one of my friends from home, Elder Sierra, today! It totally caught me off guard, but it was way cool! I can´t wait to see Christian Paul (AKA The Legend) next week!

The Spirit of this place is amazing! Every waking moment on every day except p day is planned out for us, which is both really nice and really exhausting! I had no idea it was possible to learn so much spanish and so much gospel doctrine in two weeks, but they stuff your brain to the limit here! They really force you to lose yourself in the work, surrendering your will to God, which is difficult, but AMAZING!

My roomate and I taught our last lesson to our first "investigator", Alejandra, last Friday. We totally felt the Spirit and power of our words, despite the language barrier, and Alejandra said she expects great things from us! Which is ironic, since she is now our afternoon teacher and gets to see us in class, when we are significantly less serious and composed ;)

The devotionals here are pretty great! We have one every Tuesday and Sunday, and they are awesome! Last week we watched a talk on prayer by Elder Ballard, and I don´t think I have ever been affected so much by a talk! He reminded us that we are literrally the children of the greatest being in the Universe, and all we need to is talk to our Father to be able to eventually receive answers from him. And we can talk to him anytime, anywhere!

Time here is weird. I know, techinically, that it has been two weeks, but it feels like the first week was a month long and the second week was two days long. I expect it will get even weirder on my mission, so here goes nothing!

I have been able to play the piano a lot here, just for a couple minutes here and there, not for hymns or anything, but it is such a stress reliever! I love it!

I LOVE the rain here! It literally rains about every single day, for like an hour! And otherwise it is perfect weather! I love it!

I feel like Hercules here, singing "Find Where I Belong", except "I would go literally anywhere to teach the word of God." Those kind of thoughts give me great strength here. It is hard, but I know it will be worth it!

Well gotta go! Hasta Luego!

Elder Poulson