Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Face Shots, Pillow Fights, Spiritual Slaps, and other CCM Violence XD

Right then! With that title to an email, I am just going to go ahead and start typing.

It was a really good week! Of course it had its ups and downs, which were a little more extreme than usual, but it is all good in the end, as usual ^-^
Umm alright, some highlights of the week:

-It took me about a week, but I got over my fear of being a goalie! So that is good. Anyways, I was playing goalie last Thursday, and Elder Clark, who is both the biggest and the nicest guy in the CCM decided to take a rocket at the goal. I could swear I stood there stoically, although my roommates assure me I cowered like a terrified child, as the ball bounced of my defender´s foot and drilled me right in the face! So that was... fun... But hey, I blocked the goal, so it was all worth it!!!

-New Latinos moved into our house, and they are insane!!! On day we walked into our house and they ambushed us from all sides with their pillows! Long story short, we gave diplomatic protection do one of the Latinos that wasn't Mexican, rallied the troops, and won the war! Viva America!!!

-Elder Myers was so kind as to let me know that our tags can be used as instruments. So I showed my District, and within five minutes, all of the Elders in our entire building were hysterically trying to use their tags to make sounds XD. I actually felt kinda bad, cuz our mission tags aren´t supposed to be toys, but it was really funny too!

-I got to play piano for a devotional!!! That was way fun :) Elder Alecc, who left last week, was about as much of a piano prodigy as Daniel Peterson, he would make up pro arrangements to hymns on the spot! But now that he is gone, I should be able to play a bit more :)

Alright, now for some spiritual stuff. One of our teachers, Hermana Zuñiga, talked to our district leader and his comp for like half an hour about how we all should be doing better... I thought it was a little over the top, but of course she was right, we can always be doing better. So my companions and I put a sign over our door that reads "awake my soul! No longer droop in sin, because of thy afflictions!" (2 Nephi 4) So we wake up our bodies, and then as we walk out, we hit the sign to remember to wake up our souls and re-kindle the desire in our hearts to bring people to true happiness!!! I love it :)

Also, I was in a devotional the other day and had a really profound thought I would like to share. The speaker mentioned how he had converted a girl who had periodic panic attacks as part of a medical condition. When I heard that, I realized something: we, as missionaries, aren´t the best. We are representatives of Christ, yes, but we have been given the privilege to know of the restored Gospel, and God is who gives us power to teach. These people we are teaching... Without the Gospel, they are still warriors, overcoming their personal afflictions with great courage! They are better than us. As missionaries, our job and opportunity is simply to break the chains of giants. And I am honored for that privilege.

So yeah, that is about it for this week! I´ll be about to be leaving for Long Beach the next time I email, so that will be crazy! 

Talk to ya'll then :)

Elder Poulson

Elder Poulson & Companion Elder Harrast

Soccer at the CCM

Have you been in class too long??? haha

Artsy Shot....Inside of a Rootbeer Bottle

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