Monday, August 29, 2016

Goodbye CCM, Hello California! :D

Qué pasa familia y amigos!? I hope you are doing well. I am writing this during a half p-day they gave me this Monday. I assume that my p-day will be on Mondays from now on, because I AM HEADED TO THE FIELD!!! :D No really though, I am so stoked! I want to actually use the stuff I have been cooped up in a classroom for 6 weeks learning ^-^

Not too much happened this week. We went through in field orientation, where they talked a lot about all the stuff we are going to learn in the field, but for the most part it was just a normal week.

I said goodbye to Elder Myers yesterday, my brother who has been with me from the beginning... Yeah, I sobbed a bit, but it is all good! Two years will fly by when I am on God´s time (Which would be now) I also said goodbye to a couple of people in my district that left this morning... Which was also sad. Yeah, lots of sad, and more to come, but I am excited for the field!

The MTC President has only spoken like three times here, but his talks are really inspiring! He teaches doctrine, but most of his talks are just a bunch of personal experiences he has had with the gospel. Everything from praying for his wife who fell down the stairs to be healed and then leaving her home because he couldn´t miss work in Mexico to praying for the rain to stop so that his family could visit ruins they had traveled for days to see, he really is just a shining example of faith! It is so cool!!!

Anyways, I am running low on time, but I can´t wait to tell ya´ll about my first week in the field!

Until next time,

Elder Poulson

Before Picture

So, if you're ever in Mexico....don't get your hair cut! 


First Day of Kindergarten                                           First Month in the Mexico MTC 

South Jordan River Stake Missionaries at the CCM together!
Elder Sierra, Elder Poulson, Elder Paul & Elder Myers

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