Wednesday, August 17, 2016

It is a good day in the CCM!

Wazzup family and friends!

I am about out of time, so hopefully this isn´t too short!

So I had a really impactful mentality switch on Friday!!! I realized that if I spend all of my time trying to help other people here, the days are way happier and fly by quicker! Which you would think is kind of obvious, but still.

Although I am no doubt a missionary, my Comp and I agree that we have to keep reminding ourselves that we haven´t seen nothing yet, and that we aren´t going home in two weeks, but the other 16/17 of our missions! Time really is weird here...

Our schedule here is kind of insane sometimes! We realized we spend roughly 11 hours in our classroom PER DAY! So that is rough, but we are about used to it now. Sunday meetings are a wonderful break, strangely enough! It is so much easier to feel the Spirit here :)

There are now about 8 kids from Bingham here, plus one I knew three years ago who is in the same house as me!!! So that is weird. Me, Elder Myers, Elder Sierra, and Elder Paul all talked for like twenty minutes before a devotional, so that was really fun!

Spiritual thought of the week: As missionaries/members, we are all like chandeliers. The purpose of a chandelier was not to shine light, but to reflect the small light inside of it. When it reflects the light, it becomes a beautiful thing! Our job is to reflect the light of our Savior, always remembering that he is the source of that light, and we are but chandeliers, anxiously trying to reflect that light so that others can see it.

Anyways, sorry for the short email today, but know I am doing good! I miss you all, but I wouldn´t trade this time on my mission for anything!

Until next week,

Elder Poulson

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