Wednesday, August 10, 2016


How is it going people!?!? I realize that is pretty much hypothetical since ya´ll will see this on a blog and probs not respond, but I am gonna ask anyways! And assuming you would have asked back, it is going great, thank you very much :)
First and foremost, if ya´ll ever want to send me an actual letter, you can for free on (send to mpm.letters@gmail.com & be sure to put Elder Bryan Poulson in the subject line) as long as I am in the CCM! So if you want to, there is that :)

Umm, so it was a decently eventful week! Mostly I just have general stuff to say that I haven´t had time to say since the beginning of the CCM, so here goes!
Elder Detiege, one of the Elders in my District, unfortunately had to go home. He will return after he clears some stuff up. But don´t you dare think less of him! I have NEVER met a man with the work ethic of that kid! He was the worst at Spanish, but he worked so hard to be better! He said we were all the influence he needed to do what had to be done, and he is grateful for us all :) So he has my respect, and I hope to see him again soon.

Alright, Story Time! There are like five stories I keep meaning to tell but never get around to! But they are pretty funny :)
-I managed to kick my roomate in the hand... While playing volleyball... While trying to kick the ball at three feet in the air... And I drew blood. Hehe yeah I am a bit of a clutz sometimes
-My roomates were talking in our room once a little bit about how they wish they had just half an hour more of free time per day to just talk and get to know each other. And having had our purpose ingrained in to my mind, without thinking about it I said "Yeah. Too bad we aren´t here for ourselves." They thought it was like the biggest slam in history, and I still haven´t heard the end of it!
-My companion, Elder Harrast is, according to Elder Taylor, "HIGHLY favored of the Hermanas!" which is true, and not necissarily a good thing. There are at least three Hermanas here (one in our district) smitten by him, which is kinda a problem when you are supposed to seal your heart on a mission. But it is all good :)
-We have convinced a Missionary in our District that our DL´s real name is Peter Parker Vallinga! XD He loves to act like Spider Man, so it kinda sealed the deal!
-In case you were wondering: My nicknames that we aren´t allowed to use because we are missionaires are Nemo and Sweet Boy (Said half mockingly, half endearingly), my superhero is Captain America because of my undying moral sense, my villain is The Penguin because I am always just "walking around and doing my thing", and my Harry Potter character is Percy Weasely.
-I got put in charge of keeping our district on time... For any of you who have met me in person, that is probably hysterical to you since I am literally never on time :P

A Couple spiritual stuff, then I am gone:
-We had a live devotional broadcast from the Provo MTC, and it was a talk by Russel M. Nielson, so that was pretty awesome! He talked about being clean, obedient, and busy.
-At one of the devotionals, the speaker called us missionaries "Soldiers in the Army of God", but that the only weapon we need is to open our mouthes. I thought that was really awesome! I like the image of us being like the Stripling Warriors, strong enough to turn the tide of the war against Satan and return stronger and closer to God because of it!
-The missionary lifestyle is hard, but I understand the necessity of it. I love that we can completely devote ourselves to the mission and God, and have almost no other worries! And we have been promised that our families will not only be safe, but BLESSED because we chose to serve! I love that!

Anyways I am about out of time! But I love you all and will talk to ya next week!
¡Hasta Luego!

Elder Poulson

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