Monday, September 19, 2016

Business (or rather, Service) as Usual

Hey ya'll, how's it going? I'm approaching a month in field, and I haven't gotten shot yet, so I would say I am doing pretty good ^-^

Umm, there aren't too many notable stories this week. Mostly just a lot of talking to strangers, a lot of visiting past investigators, etc. I found this week that usually when an Elder is trained, their trainer has already been in the area for at least one transfer, and knows all of the members and investigators in the area. But for whatever reason, our area was reopened the day I got here, so my companion knew as much as me about the investigators. So that is kinda weird. We have basically been building up from ground zero, but we are gaining momentum, so it is all good :)

We taught a couple new investigators this week. We met a 16 year old kid named Aaron who has a surprisingly strong testimony of prayer. He speaks English, which is nice, but I tried to lead in teaching yesterday and totally failed... So that was a bit depressing. It's okay though, hopefully the Spirit can make up for my mistakes until we teach him again.

We started teaching a woman named Griselda and her three kids this week. We just found her on the street and invited her to church, and to our surprise, she accepted! So that was exciting! She came to church last week, but not this week. It can be tricky to teach her, because she has little to no knowledge of any church, and her kids are really rowdy! But last time, I pretty much distracted her kids so Elder Quintana could teach, and that worked alright. She committed to baptism, so that is awesome!

That is about all I have for this week. I just will say that this work definitely has its' ups and downs, but it is all worth it in the end! My testimony of how this Gospel can help EVERY one of God's children is growing daily. The Gospel can help everyone, and that includes you: and if you have faith, it can help you in every aspect of your life.

Talk to... err, email ya'll later! Adios!

Elder Poulson

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