Monday, September 5, 2016

From Humble Beginnings, the Greenie Emerges

Hey family and friends! I've got a lot to say this week, so here goes nothing.

When I left the CCM in Mexico, it was kinda like leaving home all over again. I didn't realize how close I had come to my roomates and district until I left them. It is okay though, I should see most of them at BYU after the mission ^-^ Anyways, when me and my two friends going to the same mission arrived at the airport, we found out that our original flight had been delayed. All of our flights got rescheduled, and despite the assurance from the guide we had that "everything will be fine", the mission home in Long Beach had no idea that our flights had changed. Luckily, my mom called them to make sure everything was good, and she told them. Even with that though, I was stuck at the airport for like an hour.

After I arrived at the mission home and went through some orientation, it was about 3:00, and they usually take new missionaries out contacting on the first day. One of the two missionaries that me and 2 greenies were stuck with decided that since he had never been to Compton, we should go there. So my first day on the mission, running on 45 minutes of sleep, I went contacting in Compton! XD It was actually pretty chill, although there was not really any hispanic people there.

My companion's name is Elder Quintana, he is a half Hispanic guy from Colorado. He speaks both English and Spanish fluently, so that is pretty helpful! He is essentially a professional beatboxer, although he is very humble about it, and he destroys the whole zone in basketball. He kinda reminds of Donkey from Shrek, partially because he does a perfect imitation of Donkey's voice, but he is just a joking guy! He is real good at teaching people, so I am glad to be his companion.

Anyways, I got settled in that morning to a new apartment they were opening in our area. The next morning, I had a nice humble morning. The shower head didn't work, so we used a bowl to shower. The stove and microwave were broken, so we had a nice healthy breakfast of nuts and some caramel popcorn my Grandparents sent (thank you!). Luckily, someone lent me a bike, so we at least got around. I am in an biking area in Long Beach, with a small border on the sea, stretching pretty far into the city. There is a place called Signal Hill right in the middle of my area, so that is fun to bike over!

I have already run in to two familiar people here! Elder Oniki, one of my AP's, went to SoJo middle and worked at Zupas with my brother, the other one did some honor band stuff with me. So that was kinda cool! I am excited to see Elder Horton next transfer, he should be coming in.

My mission president is a spiritual giant!!! He is a fairly young guy with 4 young kids, and he is just the sincerest guy! Very firm though, I wouldn't mess with him. Anyways, he is awesome!

We have taught a fair amount of lessons already! And by we, I mean Elder Quintana speaks in Spanish and I try to understand as much as I can :P I am learning though. We taught a lesson to the cutest couple the other day, they were visiting one of the recent converts in our area, and they had in total six little kids running around! They all, without prompting, took little sticky notes and wrote "I love God" on them and signed their names. It was probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. We also taught this Hispanic Grandpa named Ismael. He wasn't very receptive to us at first, put we taught him the Plan of Salvation, and he opened up to us. He has had cancer twice and might a third time, so we are praying for him.

Umm, yeah, that is about it for this week! I am exhausted, but happy to be here! I just want to learn the language as fast as I can! ^-^ 

Talk to ya'll later!

Elder Poulson

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