Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween on the Mission

Hello Family and Friends! Happy Halloween!!! :D

Hmm...  In case you were wondering, Halloween is less exciting on the mission, even on P-day. We have to stay in our apartments from 6 on... It is for our safety and so that no one can accuse missionaries for doing something people dressed up as missionaries did, but it is still kinda sad that we will be in our apartment CLEANING on Halloween :P It is okay though, it does make sense.

Umm... This week was pretty uneventful, actually. Although yesterday was awesome! We taught a member family, the familia Franco, and they were awesome! We did this activity with them where we help them find out who they can share the Gospel with, and the Spirit was so powerful! Sister Franco called us angels come to declare the Gospel, and I teared up a little bit. I truly felt like a missionary.

Oh! I gave a talk in church on Sunday! That was terrifying! Ten minutes straight of Spanish tends to do that to you. But God filled my mouth ^-^ All the members said they understood everything I said, and that they loved it! Also, it happened to be on faith, which I had been studying the week prior, so that was a tender mercy for me :)

Hmm... Yeah, that is about it. Oh, my favorite quote of the week: "It is never to late to be who you might have been." Keep in mind that you are only limitted by how much you believe you can accomplish! Follow your dreams, and become who you want to be :)

Til next week!

Elder Poulson

Bryan forgot his camera....so, decided I'd send cute Halloween pics of our little missionary ;)

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