Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Life Isn't Easy: It's Worth It

If you so happen to have questions such as "How fashionable are the clothes of a 350 pound Samoan?", "How much does it cost for a locksmith to pick a lock?, or "Has anyone ever bothered to make exactly 9 cookies?", keep reading. If not... Well, keep reading anyways, you've probably got nothing better to do! ;)

Haha so yeah, it was a pretty crazy week. Not much teaching, a lot of unusual stuff, but it was good ^-^
So... Tuesday of last week, we were leaving our apartment, and as I pushed my bike out, I took a glance at my desk where my spare key sat. And I thought "meh, I don't really need that, Elder Quintana ALWAYS has his keys". Well about ten seconds later, I felt pretty stupid when Elder Quintana froze, turned to me, and asked if I had my spare key. Sooo... We locked ourselves out :P
So after calling the office, having on of the senior elders come over with the spare key to find that it was made incorrectly and didn't work, I was ready to climb around the corner, where our open window sat tantalizingly close to the balcony. But of course, it was "too dangerous", so we went to plan B: sleep over with some other Elders, find a locksmith in the morning. Sooo we ended up sleeping in Elder Avilles and Si'a's apartment.

Elder Si'a was gracious enough to lend us some extra clothes so that he could wash our proselyting clothes for the next day... Elder Si'a also happens to be a 350 pound Samoan Elder! XD Yeah, it was a sight to behold. His shirt went down to my knees ^-^ So that was fun!
The next day, we had a locksmith come, who took a look at it and said he could pick it... For $175... Before I could offer to climb in the window again, the senior Elder said yes (since he was paying for it with missionary funds) and in about 1 minute, we were in our apartment again! So yeah, that was a rip-off, and we felt really bad. Fun adventure though!

As for the cookies thing... Well, my mom sent me a BOMB package, and in it was almost all the ingredients to make cookies already mixed in plastic bags. So I made my comp cookies! They pan was really small though... So I only made nine. Long story short, I ate 2, he ate 7. When I told the other Elders this though, they didn't really care about anything except the fact that I made 9 cookies. "Who makes nine cookies?" So for the week, that has been kinda a running joke :)

Alright, some awesome spiritual experiences of the week:

-We were teaching a lesson to Ismael, and I decided to start testifying about prayer, which we had been trying to convince him to do since we met him. With my companion's help, I managed to teach him an entire mini-lesson on prayer! The Spirit was really strong, it felt great :) So that was a huge confidence booster for me.

-I got to the temple today!!! The LA temple is HUGENORMOUS!!!! Seriously, I thought Utah temples were big, but this one is giant! But I missed the temple and the Spirit of it a lot, so that was really wonderful for me.

-I went on exchanges twice this week, once with Elder Jumonville, my district leader, and one with Elder Urbina. That was really cool (and weird, cuz my whole time here I have been with Elder Quintana), and I learned a lot! Plus Elder Jumonville and I have similar backgounds, so it was easy to relate to him ^-^

-And last but not least, Conference!!!
Let us talk about that for a moment, shall we? It might just be because I am on a mission, but it seemed to me that there was a lot of talk about missionary work. I would highly advise that you don't de-emphasize those because you aren't on a mission. I am currently in an area where the members are really hard to work with... Without the members' help, missionary work almost doesn't happen. So I would encourage yall to offer to help your ward or stake missionaries, if you can. I know it is different in Utah, and it can be hard when you are busy. I doubt I would have listened when I was home if someone had told me to go work with missionaries. But without members, missionary work doesn't work. Just a thought ^-^

Also, my favorite talk was the one by President Nielson on joy! Don't forget to find joy in your lives, and more importantly, in your afflictions. Which is, of course, easier said than done, but through Christ, it is possible.

Umm... So yeah, that is about it. Thanks for reading! Sorry this week's was so long :P I'll email ya'll later ;)

Elder Poulson

Bryan in the Samoan Elder's clothes

Exchanges with the District Leader

Map of Bryan's Mission

He found another Elder POULSON

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