Monday, October 24, 2016

Messing Up is a Pre-Requisite to Success

Mi familia y mis amigos!!! Como estan!? I hope the answer is a capitalized BIEN! :D

Alright, so this week was quite better than last week. We put in a lot of work and it payed off! More on that later. But because of that, I have some... Interesting goofs I managed to pull off :P
I managed to:
- Fall asleep for fifteen minutes in a member's bathroom during dinner.
- Wake up an hour late without realizing it, and then sit down for studies just to be told by my companion that we are about to leave for church.
- Ask a woman that said we shouldn't come by because her husband is jealous of us if there was another day we could pass by later that week, because I hadn't understood a word she said before.

So yeah, quite a few mess-ups. That was fun XD But it was worth it, cuz we had FOUR INVESTIGATORS AT CHURCH!!! To put that in perspective, we have never had four investigators at the branch between all eight investigators, and Elder Quintana and I had four of our investigators there :) That was really cool, because once people come to church, they feel something special about it. It makes them more interested and likely to keep commitments until they see the truth of the Gospel. The investigators were Jesus and Maria, who also came to church last week, and then a 29 year old, Maria, and her 14 year old sister Piedad. The cool thing was, when they came to our missionary activity on Friday (we played volleyball and basketball), a less active, Jennifer, who we have been working with, knew Piedad! So then Jennifer came to church too, to help Piedad :) Yeah, really cool tender mercies of the Lord.

I realized that I haven't really said much about my companion. Really, he is awesome, but he is very... sarcastic, in a way. He will jump into acting like a punk from Denver (which he technically is) and he so good at it, that sometimes I don't realize he is messing with me. Here are some Quintana Quotes that might give you an idea of what he is like:
- "Walk what you preach." He says this at least three times a day. He is actually serious with that, he hates hypocrites.
- "Don't try, do." I literally can't say the word try without him saying that quote right back at me. So basically, try is no longer part of my vocabulary :)
- "My companion is a beautiful man." "Elder Poulson is the squat king, he can teach you!" Okay, here he was obviously joking, talking to a less active that is about 13. It cracked me up, actually XD
- "[Insert the lyrics of any song by Drake here]" He literally sings Drake songs all day, every day. He is basically his role model. And Elder Quintana is pretty much just as good as him! Not exaggerating: if you are curious, go look up his youtube channel, the_los_main, and you will see.

Anyways, yeah, that is my trainer ^-^

Spiritual thought of the week: The Slippery Slope. I was thinking about all of the experiences I have had thus far on the mission, and I realized that everything is a slippery slope. With anything from exercising, to talking to strangers, to commiting sin, it is a slippery slope: if you give in just a little bit, it becomes harder to stop later. For instance, look at David in the Bible. He wouldn't have seen that one woman bathing if he had been at war with his people (which he was supposed to be). That seemingly insignificant decision, to stay home from war for a time, led to serious sexual sin, and each thing he did afterward made it harder from him to stop.

The moral of the story: don't even get close to the edge of the slope. If you decide to or not to do something, don't let yourself give in when it gets hard. By small and simple things, great things come to pass: that isn't just for positive things, it works the same for sin and transgression.

I'ma leave ya'll with a poem that is in "the missionary's little book of inspirational stories", which my trainer gave me cuz I loved it so much! :D

"Be like the bird, who,
Halting in his flight,
On limb to slight,
Feels it give way beneath him
Yet sings,
Knowing he hath wings."
Victor Hugo

That is all for this week! I love you all! Do good and be happy! :D

Elder Poulson

**We've requested pictures with Bryan actually IN them!!  haha!

Elder Quintana and the District Leaders

This is a less active members son in his Halloween costume

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