Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Transfer mk2!!!

Hey Family and Friends!!!

This will probably be kinda short. Sorry :/ But this week was pretty crazy! A lot of ups and downs!

We had some members at lessons AND some investigators at church this week, which are both firsts for me! It was really cool! Two people we are teaching, Jesus (pronounce hey soos) and Maria, came after just two lessons! We also taught Evelyn some more this week, she is really solid. She is willing to listen and keeps her commitments. Except... She didn't go to church :P We'll figure out why this week though.

So spiritual thought of the week. I have seen SO many families here that only have one parent, or some of the siblings are off the deep end, or whatnot. Very rarely do I meet a "complete" family. But they love whatever family they have, unconditionally. So all of you with your wonderful families, appreciate them! Love them! According to Elder Uchtdorf, love is spelled T-I-M-E! Spend time with them!

That is all. Till next week

Elder Poulson

This is the tree at Healthhaven Hospice where they hung the blue butterflies 
they all wrote their loved ones names on.  Bryan wrote about it last week.   

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