Monday, October 10, 2016

When New Zealanders Come to Town

Hola familia y amigos!!! I hope ya'll are doing well!

This week was a little hectic, but pretty good! We had a Zone Conference this week because Elder Ardern of the Seventy came to visit the mission!!! So that was really cool :) Him and his wife had really strong accents from New Zealand (hence the title), so it was really easy to pay attention to them when they talked! ^-^ They gave us a lot of gems about missionary work, it was really cool!

We had an event Saturday for the Hospice Company we volunteer at, called HavenHealth. We generally help for two hours every Friday, doing office tasks like folding stuff and sealing envelopes and organizing binders. Anyways, they had an event on Saturday where they held a service for everyone who had lost a loved one during their hospice care. They had a cool little thing with some poetry reading and singing, and they had every family write the name of a loved one on little blue paper butterflies (that we made, by the way), and hang them on a little tree up front. Then they gave each family a life monarch butterfly in a box to release into the wild, to represent their loved one! It was really cool! I got to write my Grandpa's name on one of the butterflies, so that was really awesome!

So tomorrow is transfers, which this time are crazy!!! We are adding another companionship to my District, which is also going to be a training companionship. So Elders Jumonville and Urbina are going to split their area. And then Elders Jumonville and Urbina will be trio training somebody (which never happens). Then Elder Avilles is leaving, and another Elder is replacing him. For the little amount of that that made sense, it is crazy!

I learned a lot spiritually this week. It was kinda a rough one for me, but yesterday I fasted and prayed for help. Last night, I just felt... Good. It had no reason or cause. I just felt comforted. If that wasn't the Spirit, I don't know what is! So that was really inspiring to me. Never understimate the power of prayer and fasting :)

Yup. That is it. Until next week!

Elder Poulson

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