Monday, November 28, 2016

I Feel Rich, Take Me Back to My Ghetto Long Beach

Hello again everybody :)

Hmm... What general stuff should I write about? Well, I guess I will start with my new companion. His name is Elder Valenzuela, he is from Mexico/Texas. He learned a lot of his English on the mission, so he still has a slight accent. He is pretty enthusiastic about the work, and likes to work hard, which is good! He says "bro" way too much, but I can live with that ^-^

My new area is Huntington Beach. It was really weird to come here from Long Beach, especially since I am now in car. The area is way nicer. Also, our apartment is about 4 times bigger than mine in Long Beach, and is on the first floor instead of the third floor... Basically, I feel rich :P It is kinda odd.

It was really sad saying goodbye to everyone in Long Beach! (Hermano Varela cried) But it is okay, I will surely return some day :) It was strange to say goodbye to my trainer, but it is working out okay :)

We managed to lock ourselves out of our car on Thanksgiving... Elder Valenzuela left the keys in the trunk and I shut it, so I guess it was a group effort :P So that was fun! We ended up walking to someone's house and teaching them while we were waiting for the Zone Leaders to get the spare key from the office. But hey, they brought me some packages from home, so I ain't even mad! ^-^

Since Elder Valenzuela is a District Leader, he goes on exchanges with all 6 of the other missionaries in our District. Which means that will I end up going on exchanges to other people's areas 6 times this transfer. Which I am actually excited about, you learn a lot on exchanges, and usually miracles happen!!! :D For example, I went on exchanges with Elder Hansen on Saturday. He is a white boy from Louisiana who started his mission in Mexico City, but came home after five months because of a stress fracture in his foot. Anyways, because he started in Mexico, he is in the habit of LITERALLY ALWAYS SPEAKING SPANISH. It is mildly annoying, but mostly awesome, cuz you are kinda supposed to do that, and I am really bad at remembering! 

Anyways, while on exchanges, we contacted this guy with tattoos all up his arms and a cigarette chilling on his ear. I didn't expect him to be that interested, but he ended up being SUPER enthusiastic about what we were teaching, and asked the PERFECT questions! So that was awesome! And the reason he listened to us in the first place? He was shocked by how good Elder Hansen's Spanish was! He couldn't get over it XD I have a lot of respect for Elder Hansen. He has more enthusiasm when he is teaching then any missionary I have every met!

Speaking of people I respect, Elder Perez went home this transfer. He was on of my first AP's, and probably the best missionary I have yet to meet. I have always wondered what it was that made him so awesome... Literally everyone loved him and had such respect for him. He was very humble, but I didn't think that was all there was to it. But in his little farewell letter that they published in the monthly missionary newsletter for the mission, he said that the most important thing he learned on the mission was CHARITY. That was the key! He said that he learned how to find the good in everyone and love them for it! That really hit me hard. I am striving to find a more Christ-like love for everybody :)

This email is really long, so I will end with this: if you haven't heard yet, the church's Christmas initiative this year is called LIGHT THE WORLD! It is SO amazing!!! If you go on to mormon.org, the first thing that will pop up is the Light the World video. I strongly advise all of you to go watch it, it is fantastic! The idea is that people are invited to follow the example of Christ in doing a certain type of service each of the 25 days leading up to Christmas. The website explains it way better than I can, so go look it up! :)

That is all for this week. I love you all! Keep spreading the light inside of you :) Hasta luego!!!

Elder Poulson

Elder Valenzuela

Huntington Beach Apartment

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