Monday, November 21, 2016

Sometimes Your Week Just Decides to Be Crazy

Heyo familio and friendso (no, that is not how Spanish actually works). How is you all? I hope ya'll had a good week.

As for my week... Well, it was a bit insane. We taught VERY little this week, mostly because a lot of random stuff came up that took our time to work. For instance, we ended up going to two dinners Tuesday night, the plumber came for a couple hours on Thursday, etc.
I have some interesting news though. I am being transferred to Huntington Beach with an Elder Valenzuela... No one really saw that one coming. The Huntington Beach part is cool, but my new companion has a reputation for... Well, let's just say most people here don't like him. So we will see how that goes ^-^

We had Rihanna Varela's baptism Saturday!!! (the girl in the white dress in the picture I will send) It took about all day to help set up and such, but it was really cool! I got to PLAY PIANO for it, which was really really awesome for me! And then since I was already up there, they had me be a witness! And then the father had me and Elder Quintana be in the confirmation circle! They really like us apparently :) Plus the Filipino mom had some bomb food afterward, and we got leftovers, so it was just good all around :)

We taught Russel and Digna again this week. Israel fell asleep again, but the parents had a lot of questions and are truly humbled. They already have a testimony of prayer and such, which is awesome! And we got a text from the on Sunday, saying that they couldn't come to church until next week, but that Digna HAD READ MOST OF THE BOOK OF MORMON. If you aren't aware, THAT IS A HUGE DEAL!!! That never happens! So they are prepared. One of my good mtc buddies, Elder Keeler, is one of the Elders taking over my area, so I hope he helps bring them to baptism, because they are truly prepared of God :)

Umm... Yeah, that's about it. Oh wait, I need something spiritual here! Quote of the week: "It is accounted unto you for righteousness if you proceed according to the best light you have." -Wilford Woodruff. That is really important to me right now, going into a potentially difficult companionship. But remember, the Gospel means you get points for trying as much as succeeding. Proceed according to the best light you have, and you will find true happiness in the end :) So ENDURE!!! :D Okay bye :)

- Elder Poulson

Familia Varela (Rihanna in white dress, kiki, and Nayumi)

Familia Chavez

Familia Moscoso (2nd councilor in bishopric)

Familia Quintanilla (Elders Quorum President)

Familia Franco (1st councilor in bishopric)

Familia Genis (Ward Mission Leader)

Jennifer,  Havi,  and Jasmine

Elder Jumonville

Elder Jumonville,  Elder Urbina,  and Elder Quintana

Elder Duran

Study Desk in LB (first area)

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