Monday, November 7, 2016

When People Drop You... You Have Fun Anyways

So yeah! The title is pretty self explanatory on this one! We are down to basically three investigators, and they are all kinda iffy... :P That is okay though, we will just have to talk to a whole lot of people!!!

First of all, some pretty entertaining stuff:
- One of the office missionaries here took Elder Si'a out to lunch for his birthday, and we happened to be with them, so he took us too :) We went to this place called MVP's, this place that serves huge burgers, and it was good... Until, completely stuffed, we realized that a member was going to take us to a chinese buffet two hours later... Long story short, my companion and I were groaning as we attempted to ride our bikes up Signal Hill... Yup, fun time!
- Also at the chinese buffet, when we were ordering drinks, the member with us looked the waiter straight in the eye and said "I'll have a corona". My companion and I both whipped our heads around at him, and as the waiter started to write it down, the member says "no wait, I'm kidding, I'm kidding!" He got us pretty good, it was funny XD
- An investigator, Evelyn, looked up my facebook, and my profile picture from five-ever ago when it was a thing still reads "I am a Mormon." My companion and her had a great time mocking me for like the next 10 minutes... So now it is a running joke.
- We were teaching an investigator at her door, and she gave some water in cups. Apparently my companion's cup was dirty, so when the investigator looked away, he just chucked the water over the balcony behind us without looking XD It felt like something out of a movie!
- Quote of the week: "I put on my ponytail, and I put on my crown, and then I feel PREEETTY!!!" Naumi, Age 3 (See picture of her in her castle)

So yeah, that is my funny stories for this week! As for our investigators... Well, Evelyn pretty much dropped us. It is a good reason: she is going to be super busy working full time, going to school, and getting her driver's license. It is still sad though :( Jesus and Maria didn't come to church, and have been dodging us for the last two weeks, saying they are tired and busy and such... Hopefully they don't drop us too. Griselda is just terribly busy, and it is hard since we can't teach her in her home without a male member with us. So yeah, a lot of dropping... But it is all good! We will find some more people!!! :D

Oh yeah! I did exchanges this week with someone "younger" than me on the mission, which meant I was the senior companion!!! It was terrifying... A fun time though. The guy cooked for me and taught me Dominican Spanish and such, it was fun!

That is all for this week! Remember, dream big and then set goals to reach them! Hasta Luego!!!

Elder Poulson

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