Monday, December 12, 2016

Adventure is Out There! :D

Yay adventures! Hi family, friends, etc. I hope you are all having adventures too :)

We had our family home evening this Monday, which we were in charge of... There was, quite literally, a lot of running around to get everything set up on time in the right way. But it went really well! Mostly members came, but they all seemed to like it ^-^ We were in charge of the Celestial Room, in the chapel, and it was really fun! We had two big spotlights shining on a big picture of Jesus, and had a recording of primary kids singing "Families can be Together Forever" playing in the backround! Really good :)

Not too much unusual happened on the week days. We were really busy teaching people and such, which was really good!

WE FINALLY FOUND JESSI ! She is someone Elder Valenzuela has been teaching for a long time. Her son, Kevin, is my age and a member. He really wants to go on a mission, but can't yet because of money and that he has to help his mom with stuff. But he is one of the most outgoing people I have met in a long while! Anyways, Jessi, wants to get baptized! She has a date set for the 31st of December (and then it is a new year for a new life! Basically) Her main problem is getting away from work long enough to go to church, and quitting her addiction to coffee. But we have great hopes for and faith in her!

We played soccer with Kevin and a part member family, the Bautistas, on Saturday! (We can do that if we teach them after) I thought I was done for, since two of them almost went professional, Kevin was the team captain on his high school team, and my companion is good too. But I actually kinda held me own! Kinda... But the score ended up 1-1, so it was a pretty good game! Afterwards, we ate lunch at their house and taught them. I guess they were all gonna get baptized about a year ago, but the missionaries stopped going by for some stupid reason... Hopefully we can rekindle their testimonies! :D

We contacted a random referral this week, and we started asking about his family and such. It turns out that his long lost cousin is Valentin, who has a mormon message about him and everything! He was a teacher at the CCM when I was there, so I have also met him. I guess because of his past, Valentin has limited contact with people in America, so it was really cool to be able to tell this guy, Carlos, that his cousin is doing awesome! Anyways, we have a return appointment with him Wednesday.

Oh, I almost forgot! Highlight of the week: I actually ended up playing piano for the actual Primary Program! The usual pianist, the bishop's daughter, needed to lead the kids, so they asked me to play! I only messed up like once too! It was, again, surprisingly stressful, but really fun and cute too! And we got food afterwards, it was great ;) All you teenagers out there reading this: if you play any musical instrument PRACTICE MORE! Trust me, you will wish you had. It is more of a blessing than you might think to have the time to practice something.

We ate dinner with a family last night, the father of which used to be the bishop of this ward. He basically spent the entire time messing with me, teasing me about how I didn't take any beans and how I am "greener than a tree"! XD But it was okay, because I understood all of his Spanish and surprised him with mine, so ha! :)

I have decided that I am currently on a quest for discipline, dedication, and consecration. It is VERY hard to truly give everything you have to something, your thoughts, actions, spare moments, etc. But I am striving for perfection, and although I will come short of it, I will get as close as I can ;)

Ya'll should read 3 Nephi 9. It is really inspiring to hear what Christ said to people who had suffered complete darkness for three days! He is the light of the world after all. And just like he was a light to those people stuck in darkness, so can we be lights to those who lack the truth only because "they know not where to find it." #lighttheworld

Sooo... Yeah. That was my week. In closing, if you every have a chance to pick avocados from an avocado tree, take it! It is quite satisfying ^-^ Have courage, be kind, do good, and follow the example of He who is mighty to save. Hasta luego!

Elder Poulson

Elder Poulson Picking Avocados

Pictures after the Primary Program

A Few Misc Pics from the Week

Still doing Origami :)

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