Monday, December 5, 2016

Europeans, Drunks, and Other Unexpected Adventures

Once again, Hello family and friends! I fully expect you all to say hi back whenever you read this, just saying it out loud at your computer will do ;)

This week was kinda strange, but we worked hard and it went fairly well! Elder Valenzuela was kinda sick all week, so it was a bit harder for him, but he feels better now. I had some pretty unique adventures this week though! And I'll mention a couple from last week that I forgot about.

We managed to teach an Arabic speaking family on Tuesday! We met the eight year old kid, Patrick, earlier that day. He was on a balcony above us, but he was really friendly. He told us he could speak English AND Arabic, which is really cool! We wanted to give him a "Light the World" Card, but he was all the way up there. Well I knew a card flipping opportunity when I saw one, so I took out my "deck" of Light the World cards and started trying to flip them up there! It wasn't my best day for card flipping, so it took like twenty tries, but I did it! :D I was so happy!

Anyways, we had dinner in the same complex, and about ten minutes into dinner, Patrick knocked on the door! He had seen us go in, and said he wanted to tell us a "secret". His secret ended up being a request for us to come by that night! He even brought a sucker for each of us to bribe us with XD

When we went by later that night, he invited us in. His grandparents were there, who speak absolutely NO English, but Patrick translated a bit! We showed them the Light the World video (Patrick made popcorn!) and tried to find Arabic mormon videos, but there wasn't really any. As we were leaving, I said a prayer, and even though they couldn't understand, I asked the Spirit to touch their hearts, and I believe it did! So that was really cool ^-^

I forgot to mention this last week, but on Thanksgiving, we ended up eating one of our dinners with a bunch of drinking people! It was really annoying, actually, cuz a member we were working with was drinking too :( And her reasoning was that "eating mole with water messes up your stomach." I ate mole without water, and it STILL messed up my stomach! :P But yeah, that was pretty much the first time this Utah kid has been around drunk people, it was kinda weird.

Also on Thanksgiving, we sang a bunch of kareoke at a member's house, and that was way fun! I sang all of Bohemian Rhapsody... It took awhile. But it was great!

I have ended up playing the piano for Primary twice, because they need to practice and the other piano player has school. It is actually surprisingly stressful! If I mess up, they all lose their confidence! I have to be the kids confidence!!! But it was really fun too :)

As for investigators, we are still working with Alfonzo. He is being a little dodgy, but he really feels the change in his life since he started the lessons and wants to feel more of the goodness of the Gospel. We have also been working with Oswaldo, a less active. Besides the fact that he taught me some soccer skillz, he is awesome because he has humbled himself to the point where he truly wants to change and become better. 

Speaking of which, I would like to pose a question to all of you: Are you willing to change and become better? Are you willing to let God turn you into the person he sees inside you? About every missionary here that breaks little rules justifies it by saying "it is my last transfer, they aren't gonna send me home" or "it isn't like President will know or care" or "why not?". While they may be right to an extent, what they aren't getting is that rules, and more importantly, commandments, aren't in place just to impose upon you a way of life. They are there to change you. If you just change your behavior, you have only won half the battle. The other half is changing your nature. Once you do what God asks because you want to, not just because you are supposed to, you have made a huge step in the path of discipleship. Just my thoughts on the matter :)

That is all I have for this week. Until next week, in the words of my sister Savannah, "Have courage and be kind!" Hasta luego!

Elder Poulson

Little Christmas Tree (got it in last package from home)

Pretty Funny.....Bry said he was so tired that he forgot to take 
off his black shirt before putting on his shirt and tie.  
He ended up wearing it under his white shirt all day. 

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