Monday, December 19, 2016

Focusing is Hard, but Your Focus Matters

HEY YOU GUYYS!!! (If you don't know what that is from, you fail) How are you all? As always, I hope the answer is a resounding "fantastic!" I'm kinda in an interesting/tired mood, so bear with me ^-^

If you ever need to gain weight, just go on a mission. I tried to gain weight for like 18 years, and it didn't work very well, but in 6 months I have gained roughly 20 pounds! XD Tortillas with every meal will do that to you! That and, ya know, working out every morning *casually flexes his arms*

I have realized on my mission how much I love kids!!! I am actually pretty good with them, too :) There was a little girl last night when we were teaching the Bautistas, and I was playing with her with her little hello kitty doll and it's mini house. When she wasn't looking, I put the cat up my sleeve, and she was amazed that is had disappeared! We were about to start the lesson, and her Grandma told her to go look in the other room for the doll. Before she left, the little girl, Lexi, checked under the table, and while she was doing that I nonchalantly chucked the doll into the other room where it made some super loud sounds and interrupted the movie the rest of the family was watching XD But it worked! The girl was amazed to find the doll in the other room, and we had our lesson :D

I was on exchanges with an English elder, Elder Ugbamen, while my companion was at a leadership meeting Thursday. We visited the cutest old German couple, the Owens, who are both members. They pretty much spent the whole time lovingly bashing each other, it was hilarious XD But the lady asked for a blessing for her knee, telling us how when she last asked for a blessing, it completely got rid of her anxiety she had had for 40 years as a result of world war 2. I got to give her the blessing, and it was SUPER spiritual!!! I loved it ^-^ I felt the Spirit buzzing in me for like the next hour! Funny how that works :)

We have been working a lot with Jessi!!! The problem is, satan is working hard on her too... She had family problems last Sunday, and was super sick this Sunday. But she is fighting it! She missed our 9:00 church, but went to the YSA ward at 1 with her son, Kevin (who, by the way, is the stud muffin of the year)! She also hasn't drunk coffee in like 2 weeks! Although funny side note, we actually came to her house this week and caught her about to drink some coffee! She felt all guilty and poured it down the sink. I guess God sent us there at that time haha :) She will likely be baptized on the 31 of December, and I am super excited! We also had another in investigator, Beatriz, come to church out of no where! She is a former and has been taught all the lessons, but I guess she told some of the other missionaries in our ward that she wants to get baptized before January! Not sure if that is true, but we are going to teach her again ASAP.

In case you were wondering, focusing is hard. In my case, I have a terribly hard time focusing on people speaking Spanish all day. But I have been thinking a fair amount about focus. Elder Nielson said in his talk this last General Conference that "our joy has little to do with our circumstances, and everything to do with our joy!" I love that quote! If you focus on the joyful things in your life, you will, of course, have joy! And if you focus on Christ and His power to heal and save you, that source of joy will never fail you, even when all others could. Of course you will have trials and despair and all other kinds of hard stuff, but in that same talk President Nielson said that his friend told him "he had learned to suffer with joy." That sounds kinda crazy, and I am still figuring out how to manage it. But it is possible, through Christ, our Redeemer, who died for our sins so that we don't have to be guilty or sad. Remember that, especially as Christmas rolls around.

So yeah, that is all I've got. Live in your faith, not your fears! Have a fantansmhmastic week!!! (yes, that is Spanish)

Elder Poulson

Grammy K's Package Arrived!!

Did service at the catholic church for a food bank and had a christmas party... Somehow forgot those in my main email! XD 

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