Monday, December 26, 2016

Forget Snow, I Had a Rainy Christmas! :D

Hey family and friends, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! one day late... I hope it was a good one for you all! Mine was quite strange, but good too... Like I said, it rained on Christmas Eve, like all day, it was great! Surprisingly cold though... It was like 40. Which is cold here.

Highlights of the week:

- I skyped home!!! First skype, it was great! :D See pictures for my festive red spoon.

- We spent ALL day Friday and Saturday with Kevin Sanchez, who is quite certainly a Gentleman and a Scholar! He is already a successful business man at 18, but that is a different story. Anyways, we spent all of lunch and dinner, and some time in between, talking about different stuff we had learned by experience or from books or talks. Mainly, we talked about how to be successful. It really helped me to have a deep conversation like that, they help me figure out life. Anyways, that really helped me to be more effective as a missionary.

- Zone Conference!!! We had a Christmas conference on Wednesday, and literally EVERYONE on the mission that I know was there! (We have split zone conferences, so that was a miracle) It was great to see them all. But the best part was the second half of the zone conference, which was literally a three hour testimony meeting! Yeah I know, sounds kinda boring, but it was SUPER spiritual. The Spirit told me to go up at the beginning, and I told everyone about some advice my mom had given me. She said "Satan is trying to dim your light. Don't let him." That applies to us all, by the way. But if we look to Christ, the brightest and eternal light, we will never lose ours.

- We had a Family Home Evening with the stake president on Monday. We brought a less active mom and her kids. It was way cool, and focused on the Savior's birth.

- As for investigators, Jessi did not come to church :( But she WILL next week!!! But it is okay for this week, cuz Beatriz AND Gloria came to church! And Gloria brought her husband! They are working on preventing their own divorce. The sacrament meeting was way cool, it was ALL music! I played piano twice (once without much of a warning), and some boss professional singer that lives here sang a bunch! It was great!!! :D

That is all for this week. Remember "Life brings to you what it finds in you. What you get depends on what you give." Give it you're all, and God will give you more! Love ya'll! Merry Christmas!

Elder Poulson

Christmas Package from Home

Christmas Package from the Baker Bunch

Fun Times with Kevin Sanchez

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