Monday, January 23, 2017

Adversity Gets the Ball Rolling

This is Elder Poulson, reporting live from Huntington Beach, where massive rain showers are causing backed up sewers, flooding churches, and ridiculous amounts of joy in the hearts of... Well, pretty much just me. Everyone else here hates the rain :P

But hey, how is it going fam/friends!? This email will be talking about last and this week, cuz last week's didn't really say everything I wanted to say.

I actually recorded the entire zone conference with Elder Holland, so that was cool! It was mostly about missionary work stuff, but suffice it to say that Elder Holland is pretty much the best. I was surprised to realize that a lot of the stuff he said is in other talks I have by him, but his actual presence in the room really amplified his words. And you would be amazed at how sporadically that Apostle can raise his voice. He is like your best friend and terrifying at the same time... It is fantastic!

So last week was also, in a way, a week of opposition. We found in the same day a man who seemed to have good intent at first, but ended up spending half an hour slandering us with the most satanically racist jargon known to man, and a lady who kept telling us how sorry she was that we were trying to waste out our lives when Christ had already saved us (basically, twisted doctrine).
And the experiences like that just kept coming last week.

BUT this week was WAY better! The pace of the work pretty much doubled. We started working with members more (now that we have gotten to know them), we have found some really solid investigators, and last night we taught a guy that a member invited to a dinner with us. His name is Ernesto Flores and he has some perfect questions! So that is really exciting! We also changed the mind of the lady I mentioned above (that said we are wasting ourselves out) to the point where she said she wished her kids were Mormon so they could go on missions. So that was way cool!

As for Jessi and Beatriz... Well they managed to drop off the face of the planet. We are working hard to get ahold of them (I literally called Kevin ten times one day...) but they are very busy with work. But never you worry, we won't give up!

I have literally had a good 5 people tell me I look like Linguini from Ratatouille... So that is that. Laugh as you will ^-^

I have three questions for you this week, or rather, three questions you probably ought to ask yourself:

1. Do I know who I want to become, and are my actions and plans leading me towards becoming that person?
2. Do you sincerely believe that you can influence and change the lives of those around you?
3. Are you willing to give literally everything you have (including your thoughts and time) to accomplish God's will?

I feel like it is important that we are able to answer yes to these three questions. I have been kinda pondering them lately. I'm sure it is a process, and a continual renewal of commitment, to keep being able to say yes, especially to 1 and 3. 

As for 2, you best believe you can influence people, because you all have influenced ME for the better! I know it may not seem like it, but what you do affects others in a multitude of ways. As Ed Huber always said, "Somebody is always watching." And that is true.

Well, I'ma sign out, but ya'll are awesome! Keep the faith, God is always there, and he has a plan for YOU! Bye!

Elder Poulson

Elder Poulson and Elder Harward

Prove of the Rain Showers Bry is LOVING!

Somebody gave them a bunch of candles....not sure why, but thanks!! :)

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