Monday, January 2, 2017

Service and the New Year

HAPPY FLIPPING NEW YEAR!!! :D Sorry, I am like a couple days late... Can't exactly email whenever. Esta bien though! I hope ya'll are doing well!

I had some good experiences this week! But first of all, for all who it may concern, apparently there is an extension on lds.org called create.lds.org. I stumbled upon it this week and it totally blew my mind! I guess people can submit their own music, photos, etc. there and the church will use them as they may need. Also, I guess you can serve a photography mission in your home town, which is something super cool I didn't know! Anyways, ya'll should check that out.

We were driving to a dinner with Kevin and his bro on New Year's Eve, and Kevin saw a homeless lady sitting on a bag in front of a parked bus at a bus stop. He asked us to turn around, so we did. We went and talked to her, and I guess she was waiting for the bus (buses don't run here on new year's eve). She said she had gotten lost after leaving her homeless shelter in Santa Ana and getting caught in the rain. So Kevin, being the Christ-like man he is, got an uber for her. It was super cool! Kevin is so awesome!

We went to the Bautistas for dinner that same day, and surprise, their family was drinking again :( And the hermana drank a cup of wine too! >:( Some of their extended family always brings wine. But hey, we showed up, ate some food, and then asked if we could sing for them. So we went ahead and sang I am a Child of God to a bunch of slightly drunk people! Ha! Take that Satan! Haha it was fun :)

We taught Jessi again this week. We decided she isn't quite ready for baptism, but she was reading the Bible for the first time and got super excited about it! She is reading more of the Book of Mormon this week. She AND Beatriz want to get baptized on the 28th of January, so I am excited for that! Hopefully Elder Valenzuela can come back to see it.

Yeah... Not much else to report this week. Spiritual thought though! And since it is a new year, I'ma go ahead and talk about goals! Cuz I have learned a lot about goals on the mission. If you aren't setting goals you should! And you should tell someone else about them. Without setting goals and accountability, an apostle says something along the lines of "we can reach a ripe old age just to look back and discover that we only reached but a small portion of the potential we had to become." Start small, and be specific. I learned most of the from Preach My Gospel, so take it as you will :)

Alright, that is all for this week! Love ya'll! Don't freeze to death! ;)

Elder Poulson

Elder Poulson with Kevin and his Mom

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