Monday, January 16, 2017

When ELDER HOLLAND comes to town!!!!! :D :D :D

Hello family and friends! I hope you are all well! I am quite limited on time today, so I will cut to the chase.

ELDER HOLLAND CAME TO OUR MISSION!!! :D I am not quite sure how I forgot to mention that he was coming in last week's email (I most definitely told my mom and dad...). Accompanying him was also Elder Hallstrom of the Presidency of the Seventy. Anyways, I will mostly talk about that experience, because it was so powerful and impactful.

Waiting for him to come in was almost exactly like when the kid on the Polar Express is waiting for Santa to show up. You can feel the anticipation. You're thinking, I've only ever seen this guy on tv... Does he even exist? ;) No, I was strangely nervous though. My comp said I was way to excited.

In case you were wondering, Elder Holland is actually pretty short. I figured that out when I shook his hand. I thought that would be like the coolest experience ever, but it was actually strangely mundane. I just told him my name and he asked where I am from. But he told us later that he didn't really care about our names and where we are from. What he was really doing is "interviewing" us. Basically, looking into our eyes and searching our souls. He said we are pretty much all doing fantastic, which is wonderful!

To put it in one sentence, that man sang fire into my soul. He spoke of a lot of things, from how we are important to him and we have a responsibility for the rest of our lives as (eventually) returned missionaries, to how he is proud of us, and how we need to come to the level of our investigators. But what I really remember is how I felt. He IS an Apostle of God.

Well... Like I said, very low on time. But I love you all! Until next week :)

Elder Poulson

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