Monday, February 6, 2017

If You Feel Mediocre, Go Take a Revelation Shower

Haha that is probably one of the weirdest and confusing email subject lines ever created ever! I'm proud to have been the author ;)

Anyways, BUENOS DIAS family and friends!!! I'm feeling pretty good today, and I hope you all are too :) If you are by chance feeling kinda like you're going through the motions, I'll talk about that later.

Right then. So this week was... well, mediocre. Hence the title. It just kinda felt like a normal week on the mission. Which, I realize as I am writing this, can often be one of the harder trials we have to face. I might argue that feeling mediocre is the first step to feeling down. Satan does "carefully drag us down" after all.

Anyways, yeah, mediocre week, but we had a couple good experiences! Last night it was super hard to find anybody to teach, because apparently Hispanics do in fact care about the Superbowl... We thought it wouldn't even come up in a conversation all night. But yeah, we were struggling to find people, but had the idea to go check if Ernesto was at Hermano Lopez's home. And he was! It was a bit crazy, because the Lopez's son was playing some super loud music, but he said he really wants to study the Book of Mormon, so that made us way excited!

In case any of you were wondering (and I doubt you were), I am not good at football. We played it last p-day, and I ended up going to the wrong side of the field with the wrong team... Twice... Yup, felt pretty dumb ^-^

Right, I should probably explain the revelation shower thing, huh? So Elder Myers, a new elder in our district, was talking to a guy at service, and he was telling him all of this mind blowing stuff about time and perception and what not. And Elder Myers just stops and thinks for a sec, and then proclaims, "man, I need a shower! A revelation shower!" It was super hilarious!

But my point with that was that God is always willing to give knowledge to they who seek it. So if you are feeling pretty meh, think of a question you have. God works in questions. Joseph Smith never received revelation until he asked God a question about it. The same goes for us, more or less. So think of a question you have, about life or the Gospel or how you can improve or whatever. Then ponder it and read the scriptures. He'll answer you. And suddenly, you won't feel so mediocre! You'll feel awesome!!! :D At least that is how it worked for me.

One thing I learned this week is that sometimes we just have to buckle down, steel our minds, and do it. If you think to yourself "I should probably to <insert thing to do here>, but <insert excuse here", well you should probably just go and do it! Often later becomes never.

Hmm... This email was kinda random huh? Well, I'll keep with the theme, just cuz I love sharing stuff I learned! I was reading a talk, and it talked about asking the Lord "what lack I yet?" I think that is, in a way, the entire purpose of this life. Asking God what we need to change in ourselves, and then changing it. Often we have to be VERY humble to accept that we need to make a change. But God knows better than us, and we best take his advice.

Well last but not least, it is my mom's birthday this week!!! :D So ya'll better wish her happy birthday ;) The main reason I bring it up is because I wouldn't be even close to where I am and who I am without my mom. She is an angel to me. And I didn't quite realized that until I left her for two years. So appreciate your moms! Send them a text or something right now, just tell them they are awesome! Because they are :)

Well, that is all I have for this week! Love you all! Remember to love each other ;) Bye!

Elder Poulson

P.S. My brother is coming home in two days, and he has been a consecrated missionary. Welcome him back for me :)

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