Monday, February 20, 2017

Faith Doesn't Work with Kickflips

Once again, hello family and friends!! Happy whatever holiday today is! I kinda get behind on that kind of stuff :P

We had a really fun week this week! I mean, I am fairly certain there is currently more water here than in the ocean, because it rained so hard this weekend, but of course that just cheered me up! :D It did pose a problem with teaching people though. People here as a general rule seem to be afraid of the rain... But we taught 'em anyways! ;)

One of the highlights of this week happened in this super Hispanic complex we go to frequently (Alfonzo lives there). My companion talked to these two 13 year old girls sitting down somewhere, and started teaching them. I was pretty hesitant, because my past experience with teaching teenagers hadn't gone very well. But as we were teaching them, about five more kids just sat down and started listening! We were teaching a mini congregation! :D Haha it was SO much fun! You can joke around with kids and still teach the Gospel to them. Anyways that was super fun! We taught a couple of them again, we are hoping to meet their parents.

Sidenote: in that same complex, we were walking by some kids on skateboards, and I said, "Hey, can you do a kickflip?" My companion suddenly got this devious look in his eyes, and he just starts shouting "Hey my companion can do a kickflip!" over and over again! Despite my protests, they gave me a board and insisted I do it. Meanwhile, my companion has his camera out and starts to record me. Anyways, basically I couldn't even ride the board and looked like a loser... But it was pretty funny!

We have been teaching Alfonzo a lot lately! He has really given me a testimony that the meek and simple will inherit the kingdom of God. He IS slow of understanding a bit, and his memory isn't great. But all these other people we try to teach think that they don't need what we have. Alfonzo accepts God's will for him without hesitation. He is amazing, and I think we could all learn a little something from him.

Three things I learned this week that struck me:
1. We are not Alone
Something my companion said in a lesson to Alfonzo this week really struck me. He said that "Because God and Jesus Christ are there, we will never have to do anything in this life alone." That can be easy to forget, but we have the truth! We can come to know with more and more surety that they will never leave us to do something hard alone. We can always really on Christ to carry us, so long as we do our best to carry on.

2. Attitude
I realized this: The best (and fastest) way to change the world is to change your attitude. We can only decide ONE thing in this life, and that is our response to whatever life throws at us. If you choose to see life in a happy light and act accordingly, you will be happy. And no one can take that from you.

3. Prayer of Faith
My definition of praying in  faith has changed. The bible dictionary says that often times, we receive blessings that were conditional on our asking for them. God wants to bless us, but by his laws, we have to ask first. So that means that when we pray in faith, we trust that if the blessing we asked for was conditional on us asking for it, we will receive it. But that if it wasn't conditional on us asking for it, we will be better off without it. God only gives you "blessings" when they will actually bless you in the long run. Any blessing can become a curse if given at the wrong time or place, and a detriment to your eventual, eternal joy and salvation. So when you pray with faith and then do your best, you can know that whatever happens will be the best way things could have turned out for you. God knows what you need better than you do.

There is my 3 cents for the week ;) Hmm... Anything else? Oh yeah, we are doing a game for missionaries to get to know each other, and my little lesser known fact for the game is that I was the king of spoons in high school... So that should be fun to explain! XD Anyways, I'll catch ya'll later! Keep going strong :) Never underestimate the power of Christ and how it can change you. No one is ever out of His reach. Bye!

Elder Poulson

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