Monday, February 13, 2017

The Fastest General Email EVER!

We had a family home evening at the church where we simulated the tree of life, using chairs, a blackboard, and some white lights! It was fun! We sent them through in groups with blindfolds on. The kids and the bishop were in the first round of people, so they ended up helping us tempt people, which was wonderfully ironic! XD

We had a super lame dance, I sent a picture of it. No one danced! And when we did... Well, I was the worst one out there ;) But hey, let me tell ya, Hispanics do not dance like Utahns, that is for sure. It was kinda cool to watch after.

I knocked a couple doors in a row for the first time on my mission (random doors, that is). And let me tell you, it was HORRIBLE! Gahh oh man I hated it! I was SO scared! Respect to all the missionaries that do that every day. I will stick to going by former and potential investigators, thank you very much ;)

We have been teaching Alfonzo a lot more recently! He came to church and the baptism, and truly wants to change his life. He is on track for baptism on March 11th, which is way exciting! Ernesto was terribly busy this week, but we will teach him next week.

Transfers are here, but I am sticking it out with Elder Harward, so not much to report there.

There is a talk they only play in the MTC called the Character of Christ. It basically says that Christ only ever turned out when most anyone else would have turned into themselves. When he was struggling and in pain, he looked to help others anyways. I have been really pondering that lately. Do I give in to the natural tendency to turn into myself first? Or help those around me? Because the second I start thinking about others, I start feeling better. It is miraculous!

Well, that is about all! I love you all, always strive to be like Enoch: "and he walked with God." Byee!

Elder Poulson

The whole District at the FHE at the church

Tree of Life

Big and Spacious Building

Lamest Dance EVER!

Free Meat from the Store....SCORE!

My Desk (wow...look how organized ;)

"Pocket Stuff" 
 Anyone who really knows Bryan well knows that he carries WAY too much stuff in his pockets.  He's done this since he was a little kid.  I think its getting worse!!
  He may need some therapy or a support group...haha!!

Seriously?  Does someone just love VW Buses or what??

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