Monday, March 6, 2017

Birthdays and Barbecues are Different on a Mission

Hello family and friends! I was just sitting here wondering how in the world I have so much extra time left this week, and then realized I forgot to send out a weekly! So hopefully this isn't too short.

We had a barbecue last Monday... In the pouring rain... Which would have been fine, except half of our district decided to dip and go get Popeyes instead! >:( We were pretty ticked! But hey, charcoal-black chicken is AMAZING once you get the outside bits off of it ^-^

Recently, we have been doing what we call "party exchanges", where we have two companionships working in the same area at the same time (before we would just swap companions). So that is kinda fun since we sleep in one apartment and everything, but it is also super difficult to find stuff to do during the day, which I am told is the point. So that is crazy! Anyways, I was on exchanges on my birthday, and we went to the only wealthy member's house in pretty much the whole ward. The elder I was with commented on a rug they had, saying he really liked that pattern, and they ended up giving him a blanket from Peru! I just thought it was funny that he got a present on my birthday XD Not mad at all though. Mostly. Haha no really though, it was funny :)

So some not so exciting news with Alfonzo. Turns out, his parents don't want him to get baptized. He told us they were fine with it, but I guess we was lying. They are super Catholic and want to keep the tradition, which is kind of upsetting since Alfonzo didn't even know he was Catholic until they told him two days ago! Anyways, it will probably be awhile until he gets baptized. We are praying that his parents will soften their hearts, but if not, he can get baptized when he graduates and moves out. Until then, we'll just keep strengthening his testimony :) I'm sure it'll happen sometime this year. Javi and Charlie are still doing great though! They will baptized either on the 18th or the 1st, depending on what they want.

We got Kevin to come out with us again! It was actually super funny, because he ended up herding in a group of like 12 kids to listen to us teach them. He doesn't really understand how to do missionary work, but that is okay. He also gave out a bunch of stickers for his company, so that was kinda weird to do. But anyways, we were leaving, and as we went to drop him off, I told him it is sometimes weird to teach kids, because I don't want the parents to think we are just going after their kids or something. And you shot back this response: "If the missionaries that had taught me had cared about what my mom thought, I wouldn't be baptized and I wouldn't be who I am today." I just kinda sat there in shock. He was right of course. The thing about Kevin, is he is just so unbelievably sincere. He herded in those kids because he saw himself in them, and knew that they need what we have. And then gave them stuff as an afterthought. I strive to find the same desire to share the Gospel that he haves, where I truly want to talk to everyone!

Another thing about Alfonzo. We asked him why he needs to read the Book of Mormon, and he told us that "it will help me to really figure out who I am and who I want to be." That is SO STORMING TRUE! The Book of Mormon helps us to figure out who we are and who we want to be. I have seen that so much in my mission. If you ever feel lost, go back and just read the Book of Mormon. You'll find the path you want to take.

Also, while I'm at it, never forget the importance of church attendance. Anyone who can't find peace in life will find it from going to church each week and remembering Christ, and renewing their covenants with Him through the sacrament. Nothing will bring you more peace. The Sacrament is almost literally a weekly baptism, as my mission president would say.

That is all I've got for this week! I'll leave you with this quote that our Bishop said this last Sunday: "When you decide to change, people don't want you to. When you are changing, people will get mad at you. When you have changed, people will want to be like you." Never forget the power of Jesus Christ, by His Atonement, to change anything and everything in your life and in your self. I love you all! Take care!

Elder Poulson

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