Monday, March 13, 2017

Humility Opens the Mind

So..... I'm just gonna start typing, it is taking me too long to figure out how to start this :P Hello Family and friends and pets and such (there we go!), how are ya'll doing today!? I hope it is as sunny wherever you are as it is here ^-^ I mean rain is better, but sun is good too!
This was a rough week, not gonna lie. I somehow pulled through with a pretty good attitude, but it was kinda... well, rough! The work, I mean. We didn't teach much or anything. I have some funny stories though! And I learned a lot.

So I was trying to help clean the apartment today, and I managed to both break a couple eggs (see picture) and a jar (see picture). It was probably because I was basically building the tower of babel out of clean dishes because I didn't want to dry them, but hey, it almost worked out well! (see picture) In case you can't tell, I took a lot of pictures this week XD But yeah, anyways, I'm a clutz. It is a good thing my companion is a cleaning natzi, we cleaned for two hours today :P But hey, it is way easier to study when the apartment is clean, so I'm good with it :)

We went to Grocery Outlet today to shop, which is where we usually go because the owner is Mormon, and they give us discounts and free (slightly damaged) stuff and such! Anyways, we got there later than the other missionaries and thought they had taken everything, but the guy in charge kinda just made eye contact with us and then said in an ominous voice, "Come with me if you want to get fed." Haha I thought it was hilarious! He gave some more meat, so barbecue round 3 is probably happening. (Woot!)

We actually had one really cool experience on Tuesday. We were teaching Maria Valdez, one of our investigators, and we remembered that we should ask her if she knows anyone we can teach! (We are horrible at remembering to do that) So we asked her, and she said her whole complex was Chino (Asian) except for on person. So we went by that one person, and were really dissappointed to find that she was white. Not because we're racist, but because white people rarely speak Spanish. But it turns out she is 1) a less-active member, 2) speaks spanish, 3) has a husband that only speaks Spanish, and 4) was looking for a church to go to in the area! SUPER cool! So we are going to go back like tomorrow and hopefully teach Viola and her family :)

We also had a cool experience with discernment. Juanito, one of our kind-of investigators, was talking to us on Friday (he is like 15). I felt like I should tell him that by reading the Book of Mormon, he could find answers to his problems. He suddenly started paying attention. He asked if we have confessionals, and we said no, but that by repentance, through Christ, we could be free of any guilt we have about any sin. So he asked us if he could pray tonight and all would be forgiven, to which of course we responded that is one purpose of baptism: a new start. He really seemed to like that, and said he would be baptized if he found out that what we were telling him is true!

Javi and Charlie are going to be baptized, pretty much for sure, on the 25th of March. We are very excited for that! Really, it isn't us as much as their parents that has prepared them, but I am grateful to be part of the process ^-^

You're probably wondering about the subject of this email. That is something I learned this week. As I have said before, if we just did everything our that God tells, through the scriptures, prophets, revelation, etc., we wouldn't have to learn from our mistakes that they are right. The best way to get to the point where you are doing everything "right", or following that counsel as much as possible, is by being humble. The only reason we don't follow the counsel of God is because we think we know better. We might be hesitant to admit to ourselves that that is the case, but it is. And the sooner and more fully we humble ourselves, the faster we will be able to hearken to the counsel of God, through his prophets.

I was watching the district this week, and one of the missionaries said something very inspiring. She said that "there comes a time in everyone's life when they turn to God, because there is nothing else." I sincerely believe that THAT is when people are prepared to hear the wonderful message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Why? Because they are SO humble, their minds are open to anything that will get them closer to God. And they find that they more they listen to the missionaries and read the book of Mormon and go to church, they closer they really do become to our Heavenly Father. Humility. There is no substitute. I learned that from Father in Heaven, and my father on Earth. (Read Ether 12:27)

Wow. In case you were wondering, sharing what you learn of the Gospel helps you learn more. I learn far more from sharing my testimony than I do from studying. God will teach you with your own words, if you will trust him enough to open your mouth. That is more so for missionaries, but we are all called to share this message while we are here. That is our job, our responsibility as members of the true church of Jesus Christ, who know the path to true joy and happiness. Share that with other people. You'll be surprised at how hungry they are for the truth.

Well this is about as long as the book of Alma (wow, that is a cheesy missionary joke, my bad), so I'ma go ahead and sign off. But I love you all! I hope you are doing well! Dare to stand for what you believe in, because you will never have to stand alone. God will always be by you. "They who are with us are greater than they who are with them." - The words of a prophet uttered to a boy, facing an army of soldiers, seemingly on their own. Have faith! You all are an inspiration to me! Love ya'll, bye! ^-^

Elder Poulson

The Beach....so close, yet so far away.  

Birthday celebrations....
I guess the mission home didn't get Bry's birthday package to him until the night of his birthday, so they used all the party stuff we sent for his companion's 
birthday the following week. 

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