Monday, March 20, 2017

The Necessity of Progression

Hola familias y amigos y todos! Como estan? Bien? Perfecto!

Well, this week was kinda the most enlightening week ever. I really learned some things that I needed to hear, and that I think everyone needs to hear. So naturally, I'ma share it. But first, some other stuff!

I just wanted to officially announce that my bishop told me I should not eat with utensils, but that I should eat with my hands. I'm not sure what my mom would think about that, but *shrug*. Bishop said! Haha actually, he said I eat like a Gringo (a white guy who speaks spanish) because I was using my tortillas wrong to eat. I guess I am supposed to tear them into 4 pieces and use them to pick up my food. It was fun! So if you happen to go on a mission, and you go to a Hispanic country, you are pretty much going to be forced to prove your mom wrong when she said "you'll need manners on your mission" ;)

We kind of had a crazy but awesome day on Tuesday! Mainly because we taught 7 lessons, as opposed to our average 3 or so. We just basically taught all day! It was wonderful! But the funniest part was that we went to remind Alfonzo about the youth activity that night, and he said that he had just put his wash in the dryer and had to take it out in 30 minutes. The activity started in 15 minutes, so we just told him to go and that we would take care of the laundry! So we had a jolly old time getting all of his and his ENTIRE FAMILY'S laundry from the laundry place to the apartment! XD Turns out the activity was only 15 minutes long, and he was fifteen minutes late, so he missed the whole thing. But whatevs, I had fun! ;) Unfortunately though, Alfonzo didn't go to church this week. Actually, when we went to wake him up, he was already awake and just said he didn't want to go... Very weird. Anyways, we'll work that out.

Javi and Charlie are set to get baptized on Saturday, which is awesome! It sounds like I'm gonna do one of the confirmations, so that is exciting ^-^ Their dad is going to baptize them, of course. It'll be great!

We are working with everybody else. Juan never answers his door, which is sad. But we had a bomb lesson with Viola and gave her mom a blessing, so that was really cool! We just need to meet her husband.

One cool experience we had this week was with and investigator named Eduarda. She has been an investigator for over a year. The only thing keeping her from getting baptized is that she isn't married, and her husband doesn't want to get married :P So after teaching her awhile, we finally just decided to be very bold and straightforward in telling her she needs to take action NOW. And it worked! She is working towards baptism on the 15th of April. So her and us are fasting together and praying that she can either get married, or decide to separate, so that she can get baptized. So that is good :)

Jared is doing well too! (Have I mentioned him yet?) He is the 10 year old brother of a member, Lesley. His family situation is insane, so that makes it hard, but we found out that he got an answer to his prayer! He is super shy, but he told us very confidently that he got an answer. So we are helping him progress to baptism. He loves drawing, and his artist skills are off the charts! I'll send a picture later of what he drew me. Anyways, he is awesome!

I honestly think that the entire course of my mission changed this week. Mainly, on Friday. I went on exchanges with a Zone Leader, because Elder Harward has to since he is a district leader. I didn't expect to learn all that much, but I was in for a surprise. Real quick, I'ma touch on the three main things I learned.

1. He asked me this question: "WHY do you focus?" Or rather, why do you want to focus? Now he asked me that because I have serious problems focusing on the mission, but his main point was that I needed to figure out the why. Once you figure out the why, the what, where, when, how clicks in to place. I have heard that put many different ways before, but it really clicked this time... Why? "When your why is bigger than your why not, you find success." 

2. Focus on Christ. He is the focus of your mission and your life. When you focus on Jesus Christ, and then everything else, your life falls into place. Elder Bednar said that everything in The Doctrine of Christ is peripheral to Christ himself, and I think that is the same for life in general. Put Christ in the center of your focus. Which means remember him constantly, and follow his commandments and teachings. Which leads in to the third thing I learned.

3. PROGRESSION. That is what this is all about. This plan, our life here, The Atonement of Jesus Christ: it is all so we can progress. So that we can change. And if you aren't progressing and changing, you are wasting what God has given you. "Heaven will not be heaven for those who have not become heavenly." "This life is a time for man to prepare to meet God; yea, this life is a time for men to perform their labors." Everything we do must be to progress and become more like God, bit by bit. And the ONLY way to do that is through our Savior Jesus Christ. The only way to change. That is why repentance is so important, and that is why baptism is so important. They are ways to change, by Christ. So my challenge to you: change every day. Become a bit better. Focus on Christ, and then focus on changing through that which He has given you. He loves you, and wants you to have all they joy he has, but you can't do that unless you change and improve. It is not impossible. In fact, it is so possible (and vital), that we agreed to come to this crazy world to do it. Believe in yourself, believe in Christ, and change. Bit by bit. "God cares very little of our velocity, but very much about our direction."

That's my 3 cents. It really impacted me! Well, as always, I'm running late (but I'm gonna change that!) So gotta go! Bye ya'll, love ya! Remember: PROGRESS!

Elder Poulson

Elder Bry trying to wear his moccasins out again...haha! 
 He keeps forgetting he has them on and leaves to go out to do missionary work.   :)

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