Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Habits, Happiness, and Habits OF Happiness!

Hey family and friends and everyone, how are you all doing!? I realize I ask that every week, but it is a good question! I hope ya'll are doing good: I think you all have the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so you should be happy! More on that later :)

The highlight of this week was easily that ALFONSO GOT BAPTIZED!!! :D It was actually kind of a close call, he got worried right before, but he ended up doing it and felt so happy afterwards! So anyways, that was an awesome experience :) He got baptized on Sunday, so he will get the gift of the Holy Ghost next Sunday. He said he won't feel complete without it ^-^ 

As for other eventful events of eventfullness, I got to go to the Newport Beach temple this morning, which was beautiful!!! I felt so spiritually rejuvenated, it was amazing! Really, the Spirit is wonderful in the house of the Lord. Don't take for granted the blessing of a temple all of you Utah people: it is one of the greatest blessings we have.

I learned something wonderful from Alfonso's baptism this week. After seeing his countenance change, I realized that that has already happened to me: I have already received that happiness. And in reality, I can still have it. Think about it. For all of you that are baptized and have received the gift of the Holy Ghost, you literally have everything you need to be happy. Relying on the Savior, and having faith in him, will permit us to be happy all of the time. Honestly, we don't take advantage of this enough as latter day saints.

I also learned the power of habits. Habits allow us to move on and work on something else without worrying about the thing we just improved, knowing that by habit we will keep whatever redeeming quality we obtained. So if we can develop a HABIT of happiness, we won't have to worry about it all the time: we will just be happy! I think part of that would be obtaining an habit of optimism and work. Ask President Hinckley about that ;)

Well, that is about it. Bye love ya! Be happy for 30 days, and you'll build the habit! It is a choice.

Elder Poulson

Alfonzo's Baptism

Newport Beach Temple

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