Monday, April 10, 2017

It's All Fun and Games... All the Time!

Hey everyone, how are ya'll doin'!? I hope you're having fun, because I sure did this week! We destroyed stuff and played games all week! Haha before you all think I have just given up on being a missionary or something, let me explain.

So we had service on Tuesday at this nature place, and they gave us two options: trim the fence, or destroy a kiva. I had no idea what they meant by a kiva, but I volunteered to destroy stuff without hesitation! :D It ended up being an Indian-style shelter that had collapsed in a recent storm. So we just go to go to town on this thing, cutting ropes and smashing branches! It was great! :D I didn't have my camera on me, or else I would send pictures, but I'm sure what you're imagining is way cooler than it actually was. Side Note: destroying couches is also very fun!

Me and Elder Ramirez don't feel like we talk to near enough people here, so we decided to start a competition. We made a points system and everything, but basically, if you talk to someone you get a point. So that has been fun! I am currently behind by... A little bit... But I will catch up!!! :D Anyways, we have already found some new people to teach just from that motivation to talk to people, so that is great!

We talked to Alfonzo's dad at the beginning of this week, and he said that HE CAN GET BAPTIZED!!! WOOT! So we set a date for the 15th of April. He came to church this Sunday, and it is looking pretty set. So I am SUPER excited for that! If all goes well, I will even have the honor of baptizing him. When he told me that I could baptize him, Elder Ramirez said my face just lit up like the sun! XD So stoked!!!

Jared is also doing awesome. He didn't come to church this week, unfortunately, but we have been working hard to help him find joy in going to church, even though it might be boring, especially for a 10 year old. It's fun to teach him ^-^ We love him.

"Do you love me?" I have been thinking about that question a bit recently. Do we really love Christ? Do we really KNOW our Savior? There is a talk called the Mortal Christ that I was listening to last night. It basically said that when you truly know the Truth, or the Savior, that will set you free. HE will set you free. But to truly get to know him is not easy. It takes study, yes, but also action and prayer and pondering. But I strive to truly know him and to develop the true character of Christ in myself.

Another thing that talk made me think about: it said that Satan wants us to sin, yes, but that isn't really his main goal. Satan's main goal is to keep us from doing good. If he can stop us from doing good things, he has won. We can't be content with just NOT breaking commandments. We have to do good continually. And the more good we do, the more good we will see in ourselves, and the more joy we will have. I am no longer content with just not doing bad: I strive to become a warrior for the Light.

Well, that is it for this week! I love you all! Go destroy something or play some games or something. Life can be fun and fulfilling at the same time! Bye!

Elder Poulson

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  1. Hello Elder Bry:: I love your blogs. You are really a terrific writer, and such a great combo of fun and spiritual. Are the loaves of bread in your picture for the Sacrament? OR are you just planning on eating 33 sandwiches. Today Joshua and I went up to the UU (blah) to watch Dakota play football. He is really terrific, and it was fun to see him and all his family...including the cute girl he is almost engaged to and all of her family. We are having an Easter Egg party and dinner here in an hour, and Josh is just finishing coloring 48 eggs. Everybody gets bunny ears and a basket, including Garrick...sorry you are missing out on that great humbling experience. Your mom did the photo work for Snow White that Eleanor starred in...and it is incredible. She is getting to be quite the pro photographer. Our sadness of recent is that Amber and Justin's baby boy, Andrew, died at 15 weeks along. They are so broken hearted, but as usual are using service to others to try to recover, if that is possible. . He will always be in their hearts, and will be a resource on the other side of the veil. Gotta go hide the eggs, etc. You are always missed and prayed for. I am so proud of my missionary grandson, Bryan Rex. You are surely honoring your grandfather and great grandfathers name. I love you, Grammy K