Monday, April 24, 2017

Life is Good Until you get Stabbed

Goooood morning family and friends! How are ya'll doing? I'm doing great, thanks!

So this week was pretty exhausting, but it paid off! I did in fact get stabbed, but only by a needle so that they could take my blood... Which didn't help me to be less tired! But hey, it was fun!

The main event this week was that Alfonso got confirmed! Elder Harward came back to do it, so that was fun too. Alfonso felt SUPER good afterward, I loved it! I don't know if he has ever felt the Spirit so strongly. It was pretty amazing :)

Other than that, this week was strangely eventful. We went to the temple on Tuesday as you know, which was also our p-day. Elder Ramirez had to go to some papers stuff in another zone, so wen went there on Wednesday. Thursday I got stabbed by some Lady. Friday and Saturday were pretty much just spent trying to find people to teach, which was unusual for us. Usually we have someone to teach.

We actually made a game to try and get each other to talk to more people! You get points mainly for talking to people. The zone leaders ended up joining in and everything, it was great!

Umm... Yeah. Not too much more to report. Just moving along, doing the work!

I learned something really cool the other day! Someone was talking about how someone had asked them why our church doesn't used crosses. They responded that we don't just not use crosses, but any other symbols. That is because it is not necessary to use a symbol to show the rest of the world that we follow Christ. Our symbol is who we are and how we act. If we really are members of the true church of God on the Earth (and we are), it should show in everything we do and say and are. So yeah, I thought that was cool!

Well that is about it. Love ya'll! Keep up the faith!

Elder Poulson

Easter Package from Home

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