Monday, May 22, 2017

Literally the Word of God

GOOOOOOOOD MORNING FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!! How are ya'll doing? Just say good to your computer or phone right now, out loud. If you say it, you'll believe it, and then you will be doing FANTASTIC!!! :D Yeah!

So this week was definitely good! A little slow at times, but we had some good successes about every day. So that is always satisfying ^-^

Not too much has changed with Eduarda and Jared. Just trying to help them progress towards baptism. But we started teaching Eduarda's daughter, Angie, and she is AWESOME!!! :D She is super sincere and has some really good questions! So we are excited to teach her. We also managed to FINALLY start teaching Beatriz again. She is an investigator from almost 5 months ago that dropped off the radar when Elder Valenzuela left. But she came to church last week, and we managed to teach her this week. So we hope to help her progress to baptism.

I was reading President Uchtdorf's talk from this last Conference, and what really impressed me is that perfect love can literally overcome any fear. I think we could all recognize that more. After all, the only reason Our Savior Jesus Christ could perform the Atonement was because his perfect love for us overcome his fear of performing such an excruciating act. My Dad also told me this week that we can find more confidence in the fact that we are keeping the commandments of God. After all, Jesus said, "If ye love me, keep my commandments." So if we have perfect loved, we will be obedient. Obedience casts out fear too.

Something someone said in church this week really struck me. One of the speakers said that "We have more scriptures at our fingertips than any other nation has ever had at any time in the history of the World." Think about it. We LITERALLY have the WORD of GOD, our HEAVENLY FATHER, the ALL-POWERFUL and ALL-KNOWING FATHER of our Spirits. How could we ever take for granted the fact that we can access exactly what he wants us to hear within the time it takes to press a couple buttons. Think how much people in the days before technology would have given to have access to such a wealth of information. My exhortation to you all would be to read what are called the words of Eternal Life for AT LEAST 15 seconds per day. Yeah you read that right. At least 1 5 SECONDS per day. Just form the habit, if you haven't already. Opening the scriptures every day will do more for you than nearly anything else you could ever do.

Well, that is my 2.37 cents for the day. Umm... Yep. Ya'll have an above average week! I love you all! Let me know if there is anything I can do for any of you. Chou!

Elder Poulson

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