Monday, May 29, 2017

When Life is Moving too Fast, Make Friends with a Snail

Good Morning family and friends! I'm Elder Poulson, and this is my snail, Jerry. We'll be your hosts for the evening. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the email!!! :D *Crowds Cheering*

This week was quite the roller coaster. It was honestly like someone put me on a frisbee and tossed me back and forth a bunch of times. You would know what that feels like, wouldn't you Jerry? *Canned Laughter* A lot of crazy stuff happened with investigators. 

The biggest news is that we stopped teaching Jared. *Collective Gasps* Yeah I know... I was devastated too. No really though, it was pretty rough. He essentially told us he doesn't want to do anything we ask him to. We suspect there is more to the story though, so we are going to talk to him later this week.

Beatriz came to church this week though! *Cheering* She has been an investigator forever, but dropped off the face of the planet like 4 months ago. We are going to really try to help her progress. Eduarda still needs a different job, and her daughter, Angie, didn't come to church because she had to watch her sister :P We'll see what happens though!

Let me tell you though, we finally got a ward mission leader, and he is AMAZING!!! So humble and willing to serve! He encourage us to fast and pray, love our companions, work with members, etc., and it just got us all pumped up! I never realized how important a ward mission leader is, because I haven't had one in 6 months, and back then I couldn't understand a word he said XD But I am really excited to work with him! Plus he is in my area, and him and his wife are Samoan, so I'ma get some BOMB food!!!

I learned some valuable lessons about priorities this week. Essentially, it is pointless to make any sort of plan for your life if you don't know your priorities. You won't accomplish what you want to. My companion listed out his priorities, and I followed suite. It was really eye-opening! If you base all that you do on what matters most first, you will never go wrong. For instance, disobedience suddenly seems less tantalizing when your first priority is to put God's will above yours.

I also learned something cool that Elder Bednar said. Something along the lines of "stop worrying if it is The Spirit! Just be a good boy or good girl, keep the commandments, serve people, and it will all work out. So many people feel something and say, I'm not really sure if it is The Spirit. Stop it! Just trust that it is, and act, and it will all work out!" I kinda needed that. I think it is important to remember that if we were ever sure that it was The Spirit we were feeling, it would require no faith for us to follow it. And faith is the law on which God's ability to bless us is predicated. (Jerry is good at that. He feels around with his feelers, and will even stretch out off an edge to the point where he could fall, trusting that something will be there.)

Well, I only have an hour today, so I'm going to sign off. But remember this: The only way to truly progress in this life is to more fully understand and apply the Doctrine of Christ. Faith, repentance, baptism AND the sacrament, the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end are the very process by which we change and become better, until we "lay hold on every good thing", and are "perfected in him." Check out the talk by Brian K Ashton in the October 2016 General Conference for more on that.

Bye, love ya'll! Have a snail-tastic week! ;) *Cheering*

Elder Poulson and Jerry

P.S. - It is very hard to type with a snail on the back of your hand. But I would advise you to try it anyways ;)

This is Elder Bry with a member of our ward, Todd Jorgensen.  Bryan wanted to send home a guitar he was given in his last area.  Todd was nice enough to pick it up while he was in California on business.  So fun to get a picture from Todd of our cute missionary.

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