Monday, June 12, 2017

Soccer + Diligence = JOY!!!

Before I begin, I would like to officially announce that soccer is perhaps the best sport ever, and that putting two barrels on the extremities of each side and having no goalie would NOT make it better. A member told us that yesterday... I thought it was interesting. Haha

Well I'm doing this last, which means I am already almost out of time. But I'm going to type quick anyways!

So last p-day one of the other elders had somehow got ahold of a GIANT soccer ball! And he inflated it beforehand... Kind of a bad plan. So we ended up hauling it like that! It was hilarious! We made so many people's days, it was great!

Investigators are doing pretty good! None came to church, EXCEPT that same member brought her friend to church AGAIN! We are super excited about that! We have an appointment set up to teach her this week. We worked a lot with members these last few days, and it has made such a difference! In case you were wondering, it is no longer possible to do missionary work without your guys' help. 20 years ago, tracting worked. Now a days, we need your help.

Not much to say about other investigators. We're working with them. We picked up Jared again, which is great!

We listened to a talk the other day called Currency of Trust, and it was amazing! It talked about how to ask questions and create and atmosphere of trust. It changed the way we think. One of my favorite parts: desire+knowledge+skills=power. Meaning, you can learn as much as you want, but if you don't have the desire to put it into practice, it doesn't matter. And you can have desire and knowledge, but if you don't PRACTICE, it won't make any difference! You must develop skills to be successful at anything. And then turn those skills into habits.

Well, there is a room full of people waiting to email, so I'm gonna dip. I love you all! As my sister always says, "have courage and be kind!"

Elder Poulson

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