Monday, June 5, 2017

The Power of Godliness

Buenos Dias family and friends and such! I hope you are all doing well :) Before I start, I have heard some speculations that my snail from last week, Jerry, didn't actually exist. I am sure that the attached pictures will clearly rebute any such allegations. ^-^ Haha he is now released back into the wild, so no worries!

A lot of powerful things happened this week, hence the title. Plus a member kept talking about Thor, so it's on my mind ;) But I do believe that the power we feel from experiences pertaining to this Gospel is of vital importance. No one could truly be converted or know of the truth of these things without feeling the Holy Ghost and the power therein.

But first, investigators. Beatriz has been busy, and didn't show up to church, so that was kind of disappointing. Angie also has been busy and unresponsive, and didn't come to church. BUT we still had someone come! It was kind of a miracle. A member in our area brought her friend that I taught with Elder Harward awhile back, and who I had thought was completely uninterested. But she came to church and loved it! :D So that was really cool! We think that fasting had something to do with it. If you ever need a miracle, try fasting. I know from experience that it almost inevitably works, and often in ways we never expected.

Eduarda is still working on getting Sundays off or getting a new job. Viola has also been busy this week, but that is okay. We're going to keep working with all of them. Prayer and faith works too :)

One powerful experience I had this week happened in church yesterday. Hermano Rodriguez stood up to give his testimony. Now that sounds pretty normal until you recognize that Hermano Rodriguez was recently hospitalized and is currently in a wheelchair. With the help of three men, he managed to get to the pulpit, and his son still had to stand there behind him and hold him up. Through tears and gasps of pain, this wonderful man boldy bore his testimony, quoting the scripture that says, more or less, that  when you bear your testimony, angels rejoice, and The Spirit is there. Well let me tell you, The Spirit was there! It was crystal clear. I loved it, and I have an immense respect for that humble disciple of Christ.

We also had Zone Conference this week, which was immensely powerful! We watched a video of two recently returned missionaries teaching Elder and Sister Cook the Restoration (the first lesson we teach), with the whole quorum of the Twelve and First Presidency sitting there watching. (No pressure) But they were asked to teach it in four minutes. And in four minutes, they taught that entire lesson with authority and power. I was amazed at The Spirit we felt as we only watched a VIDEO of two missionaries teaching the Restoration.

I can bear testimony to you all that I know now, more than ever, that it is true. That the God loves us, and he has always given us the Church of Jesus Christ on the Earth, and he did so again through Joseph Smith, the first prophet in this the last dispensation of the fulness of times. It in reality happened. And if you don't know that for yourself, I would invite you to kneel down right now and ask God to tell you. Because if you do so with a sincere heart and humble spirit, you will feel a love and power you have never felt before, the very same power and love I felt that day and every time I teach this message. If you haven't yet, please: just ask God. You won't leave you without guidance.

That is the best thing I could say to you all, so I guess I'll finish with that :) And this scripture. Our Savior has told us that "the kingdom of God is within you." Remember that all blessings God can give you are based on what you do. So do your best to do good and follow Him, and he will bless you. He probably already is: look around and you'll find more blessings in your life than you thought existed. I love you all!!! Have a pretty adequate week :)

Elder Poulson

Meet Jerry the Snail

Check out Elder Poulson bobble head!!  hahaha!

"Go Rex's"

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