Monday, July 24, 2017

ADVENTURE IS stressful. But it's worth it!

Hello all of you wonderful people you!!! In 15 minutes, here is a rundown of my week and whatever other ridiculous thing I decide to add in!

Well, we started out the week really well! We found two part member families we didnt' know existed, so that was good! 

We had to wait for an hour and a half for our car's oil to be changed, which was no fun. We contacted a bit, but they said it would be down WAY before it was. But then some guys walked up to us and started talking to us in weird accents, and it turns out one of them was a Bishop from Denmark! So that was exciting!

We went downstairs today, and found that someone stole my companions entire bike EXCEPT the front tire. The robber decided to steal MY front tire. So now we are both out of bikeability. Which is a problem, since we were supposed to get our car fixed this week, which means we would be on bike for three days. So that is fun.

Elder Lee got sick yesterday! #Adventure :P So we had to stay in all afternoon. We finally found Luis last night though! He was exhausted, so we are going to visit him today instead. But he is awesome!

Umm other peoples... We are teaching a lady named Josefina. Her daughter recently died, so she is trying her best to get past that. We have something that might help. It's called the Plan of Salvation ;)

All in all, it was really a rough week. But I learned that adventures are like that! If it was never rough, where would the adventure be?! It would be lame. Adventure means sometimes it gets hard. And a mission is undeniably an adventure! Ya'll are all adventures too: they are called life. Make sure that you are enjoying your adventures! They go by fast. Love every moment!

Also, do not stress. You've grown up hearing no one is perfect. According to the mission nurse here, perfect should be taken out of our vocabulary. Yes, the end goal is to be perfect, but it won't happen in this life. What we can do is become better everyday. So if you ever feel down, just look back and see how far you have come. And realize that there is a great view at the end of the hike: you just have to keep climbing.

Love you bye!

Elder Poulson

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