Monday, July 10, 2017

Exit now for bananas probably

Hello family and friends (and pets)!!! How are you this fine evening? And by fine evening I mean it's so hot outside you could probably boil an egg on the sidewalk AND cook the hen that laid it, but that's not the point ;) Hopefully the weather is nice wherever you are right now :)

This week was just FANTASTIC!!! And that's not just because compared to last week, ANY week would be fantastic. We seriously had a blast this week! The work was bumping in Long Beach for sure :)

If I haven't mentioned it yet, I've learned on the mission that I LOVE soccer! Haha! (It's funny, because I know for a fact I've mentioned it like 10 times. Haha.) But every morning for soccer, there is a park super close that we hope over to that has a cage soccer course! It makes me SO happy! So basically, when I get back, it's going to be hard not to go pro with all the offers I'm gonna get ;) Haha just kidding, I'm still not that good, but it is fun. The reason I bring it up is because we managed to get the whole ZONE to come play during sports today, and I am SO STOKED!!! :D So it's on the mind.

Anyways, now that that tangent is out of the way, this week was great primarily because we worked a whole lot with members!!! Especially this weekend! One of the best experiences I've had in a long time: Last night, we had a member call US and ask to come out (which was awesome!), and we ended up finding a less-active family and a new investigator!

But directly after that was the best part. We ended up taking an hermano, Hno Jolon, and his daughter Darlin to visit the familia Cipriano, who I mentioned last week. The cool thing is, recently a cousin of their's, Hector, moved in. He actually got baptized three years ago in the same ward I started my mission in, on the other side of Long Beach. He met the missionaries, said he was converted in "half an hour", and got baptized five days later. He has a crazy backstory, but basically when he went back to Mexico, he went less active. But he recently returned, specifically to get away from his hectic life and get back into the church! And let me tell you, he is AWESOME! So he was also there. And then the English missionaries that are our neighbors also teach someone that lives in that house. (It is divided into two separate apartments)

So if any passerby happened to glance over at the house last night, they would have seen three different pockets of people: me with Hector and Hno Jolon, Elder Lee with Darlin and the two younger Cipriano girls, and the English Elders with their investigator and the older Cipriano girl. And we were ALL having great Spiritual conversations and lessons about The Gospel!!! It was SO amazing!!!

Well I took so long to tell that story, I'm gonna have to end this soon. But my spiritual input of the week is (1) help the missionaries in your ward or stake. Just do it. It will benefit them, their investigators, and YOU far more than you could anticipate. And (2) always strive to have the Christlike attribute of hope. I learned that this week. We spent all of our afternoons knocking on less actives' and referrals' doors in the hot sun, and found almost no one. But the few times we did find people, and the many times when we had fantastic teaching moments that night, were when we actively had hope. When we recognized that God is in it, and that when we are doing His work, we just have to keep going and we'll find success. When we have hope, we don't get discouraged. And anyways, according to Elder Holland, "trouble has no necessary correlation with discouragement." When I believe it was Albert Enstein whose entire labaratory was burning down, he ran to his kids and told them to "go get your mom! She may never see another fire like this her whole life!" Have hope!

 Love ya'll! Keep on keeping on and such. Or according to this billboard "exit now for bananas probably". Haha bye!

Elder Poulson 

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