Monday, July 17, 2017

Hope Unto Faith

Buenos dias all you wonderful people! I hope you're having a wonderful day doing wonderful things full of wonder! Wondering why I'm saying wonder so much? Me too. Starting emails is hard.

Now that I got that over with, this week was both good and rough at the same time. I kinda started good but then fizzled out. That is okay though, we can always bounce back!

Our investigators have all been kind of dodgy. We did teach Alfredo, which was cool! He is paralyzed from the chest down due to a recent accident, so he really needs the Gospel. We also had someone show up to church that we have been looking for for awhile! His name is Victor, his wife is a member and the sister of Hna Jolon, who lives in our area. We had a lesson yesterday with him, his wife, the Jolons, AND our ward mission leader! So we're gonna work with him too :)

We had a REALLY cool zone conference this week! President Patterson showed us most of the talk that Elder Anderson gave at the recent seminar for new mission presidents. It was called "the urgency to find", and it was all about finding people to teach, which is a constant topic on the mind of a missionary. It can be REALLY difficult sometimes to find new people to teach.

But in applying those principles, I had an AWESOME experience on exchanges! Elder Hernandez and I set a goal to find three new investigators, and we worked at it all day. We ended up teaching one lesson at the end of the night and left at about 8:50. We parked to do an exchange review, but I just felt unsatisfied. I knew that we had the faith to find, and it bothered me that we hadn't. But as we started the review, Elder Hernandez brought up someone we had forgotten to go by. I asked if we could go now, and he agreed that we could, so we went. We found three new investigators from visiting a former investigator! There was just the mom and dad there, but we wanted to find three, so we asked if anyone else in the house was interested, and the daughter came out and listened too! It felt SO great! Something Elder Anderson taught us is to pray with faith, work hard and with The Spirit, and then get desperate. He is so right!

I also actually got to share a bit about the attribute of hope in zone conference and testify about it, which was really cool. I learned more from my studies of hope. I realized that hope is and always will be a prerequisite to acting in faith. Every time Nephi does something awesome in faith, he first expresses to his brethren that he knows it will all work out, that is God is in it and on it, and they need only to act to receive the promised blessings. THEN he does something awesome with great faith. Hope first. Trust God is in charge, and will make it all work out. Then you will find that any fear and discouragement you had will become irrelevant, and you will be free to act with the courage you've always wanted to have. Hope leads to faith. Remember that.

Well, I'ma sign off. And by sign off, I of course mean that I am going to say goodbye, because it is kind of hard to sign your signature with a keyboard. It would probably be fun to watch though. Anyways, have a great week!

Elder Poulson

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