Monday, July 31, 2017

Smartphones, Bikes, Boats, and Bye Elder Lee

Good morning family and friends and dogs and all others not included under said denominations! How are you all doing this fantastic day!? If you're doing great, do me a favor and go give someone a high five. It'll be fun!

Well, this week was rough at first, but fantastic by the end! We put in some good work :) Especially since we ended up on bikes for three days. As I mentioned last week, we were down a bike and a tire, but Elder Lee got a loaner bike and I got an extra tire, so we were good! That is, until Elder Lee's back problems kicked in. So we ended up back on car early. We actually stole another companionship's car, because ours wasn't back from the shop yet. We feel like complete jerks because it was that missionary's last week on the mission, but he was good with it ^-^

I said boats in the subject line because that is what our new car is: a boat! Or to be more accurate, a MALIBOAT!!! It is a 2017 Malibu, and it is SUPER nice, but it is also SUPER huge! Which is tricky when Long Beach parking is literally a 20 minute process just to find a small space, which our Mailiboat would not fit in. Fun to drive though!

Transfers are upon us! And to my great dismay, ELDER LEE IS LEAVING ME!!! :( Not happy about that, we love being companions. Our mutual love of Disney and cheesy jokes really made life fun! But my new companion is a six foot 2 elder from Hawaii named Elder Eldredge. I am actually just swapping companions with Elder Ramirez, who was my last companion, so that is kind of funny!

As for the other part of the subject: Our mission has been chosen to test out SMARTPHONES!!! More on that next week.

We had some fantastic lessons with investigators this week. The familia Romero is awesome. We taught the Restoration, and we managed to help them feel and recognize the Spirit, which is vital! They told us their struggles, and we are helping the a lot! Something similar happened with Luis.

All in all, life is good here in Southern California! All I have to say for this week spiritually wise is: seek knowledge. Learn. Learn as much as you can, especially on topics of the Gospel.  That is, after all, a main purpose of life.  Learn and grow. 

Love ya'll!

Elder Poulson

Ya gotta burn a shirt when you hit the 1 year mark :)

Gotta LOVE that smile!!

Elder Bry's old companion came to visit

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