Monday, August 14, 2017

Taking in Long Beach, One Step at a Time

Huh? Oh, hello there family and friends! I didn't see you there! It's me, Elder Poulson!!! *Cheering* Haha I hope you are all doing great today! I had another great week, which is always great! What's not great is my excessive use of the word great. My apologies. I'll expand my vocabulary.

So this astronomical week included some awesome and crazy experiences! A crazy one first:
I was playing soccer in the cage in the morning at the park by our apartment. I looked over to the side and saw a guy juggling a soccer ball on the grass. It became very rapidly apparent that this guy knew what he was doing. What also became apparent is that this man was very very DRUNK. So I just kind of gaped in amazement watching a drunk guy juggle a soccer ball ten times better than I ever have been able to, and rethinking my life. 
Meanwhile, a random ginger guy comes in from the other side, walks in the cage, and starts talking to me. He has some form of cigarette in his hand. He began to account to me how he had recently been hit off of his bike by a semi truck and was on his way to the hospital. His left leg was swollen to about TWICE the size of his other one! Despite that, he began to play soccer with me! He then went and played basketball with Elder Eldredge. He further enlightened us to the fact that he was J. R. Styles, a lifelong jock, coach, and genius that was sponsored as a surfer buy Huntington Beach for 5 years. XD He told us to search him up... So if any of you are down, you could always search it and let me know if this guy actually exists!

But really, this week was wonderful! We found a lot of new investigators again, one of which sincerely seems prepared! So that is exciting :) She felt and recognized the Spirit. That is key. We are going to help her with her son, who is addicted to drinking. Her name is Raymunda. Her son actually requested a bible, which is how we found her :)

My thought for the week: slow down. Take things one step at a time. Live in the moment. I wish I had my quote book on me, but basically, President Monson tells us to live in the moment. The past already happened, and the future is but an idea and a dream. But what we do right now: that is what controls our lives and our fate

The thing is, I've always been very stressed on my mission. But Elder Eldredge (who is great at giving counsel), really helped me with that. He said as much as we have to do every day, take it one step at a time. He explained it like learning a football playbook. Me being me, I would say it also works with learning forms in marching band (we call it a dot book). If you tried to learn them all at the same time, you're toast. It's not happening. But you start with one, and you make it happen. Then you move on to the next one. That especially applies to applying principles and counsels from our many different sources, including leaders, scriptures, and personal revelation. But as overwhelming as that all can be, we start with one thing, and make it habit. Then we move on. If we aren't good at it yet, we practice until it becomes a skill. Then it becomes a habit simultaneously. Then you can move on to the next one. Like plays or formations or whatever sport or hobby you have, life is designed to be taken one step at a time.

That's all I got. Have a great week and such!

Elder Poulson

Elder Bry & Elder Eldredge (the new comp)

"Mom....I had to buy a new soccer ball!" :)

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