Monday, August 28, 2017

U-Turns and Turning Out

GOOOOOooooOOOOD Morning family and friends! Oh wait my bad, it is good afternoon, because it is afternoon. I would be publically shamed if I had said that to a Hispanic here :P

I am doing really great today! Elder Eldredge and I are just moving along, working hard here :) It is a good time! We have recently started counting of U-Turns Elder Poulson makes on the daily. And by counting, I mean lost count :P Haha let's just say that my navigational skills are slowly but surely improving! ^-^

One of the exciting things around here right now is that we have been watching all of the training videos in anticipation of receiving smartphones! I know it probably sounds like I am just a technology-thirsty teenage missionary who is excited to get a real phone back in his hand, but I am actually more excited about the implications for the work! It seems that we are going to be able to do online proselyting using Facebook, teach lessons through facetime, and have all of the information we need on our phones! It is going to be especially useful to be able to teach those who really don't have time to have lessons twice a week at their house. But everyone has a 20 minute lunch break, right? ;) I am super excited! They will be initiated October 2nd.

As for investigators... Well Mayfer and Jackie both did NOT come to church this week... Sadly. But we are going to keep working with them! The familia Romero and Jose are doing good, so it is all good :) Jose is a seventy year old one eyed man that loves to talk and has great questions! ^-^

One thing I have really been learning this week is the necessity of focusing on those things outside of ourselves. The hardest times in my life have been when I have been focused on my own needs and desires. Similarly, the best times in my life have been when I have been focused on the needs and desires of others. That is what makes times of trial so hard: it often forces us to focus on ourselves. But in this, Jesus Christ showed the perfect example. There is not a single instance in the Bible in which he did anything for himself. He only ever looked to help those who he loved: that is, everyone. And so should we. "I would that you should be perfect, even as my father is perfect" comes right after talking about loving even your enemies. And love is a verb. To love is to serve. 

Thus, I am striving not only to serve a mission, but to love my mission :)

I hope you all are doing well! Seek to serve, and you'll do even better! Love you all! Peace :)

Elder Poulson

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