Monday, August 7, 2017

Who Knew Talking to People Could Be FUN!?!?

Buenos Dias family and friends!!! How are you doing? ... Why I am doing great, thanks for asking! :D

Really though, this week has been great! REALLY LONG, but it has been a blast! We've had fun doing the work. Which is something I have kind of done before, but not like this week. Mainly because we talked to almost everyone we could this week! I'll explain later.

So Elder Eldredge is my new companion! The rumors were true: he is in fact a six foot tall offensive lineman from Hawaii (He says Aloha lol). He could literally squish me like a bug if he wanted to ;) He is awesome though! His philosophy is to always be smiling and relaxed while still doing the work, which is something I am definitely NOT good at, believe it or not. Yes, I am terribly optimistic and happy usually, but while out during the work, I also tend to get very stressed. In the words of Elder Eldredge to me, "If you keep going at this pace, your going to go home in a casket!" Haha so it has been great learning to do the work with an improved attitude and outlook!

We had a really bomb District Meeting this Wednesday, and it kind of got us pumped! Our Mission President has really been emphasizing finding new people to teach lately, and it carries down to District Meeting. We really have been increasing our testimony that "the Lord's elect" are out there and we just have to be guided to them. Combine that with Elder Eldredge's philosophy: "We are sharing the plan of Happiness. How can we do that if we aren't happy and smiling?" We ended up finding about triple what we have been finding this last transfer!!! And we talked to SO many people! It was SO much fun! You would be amazed the experiences you have when you talk to random people on the streets of Long Beach.

The cool thing is, we made a conscious effort to be led by the Spirit, and then when we would go where we felt led, we would always find SOMEONE that said we could come back. Now to be fair, nearly any Hispanic person will say we can come by. Kind of a culture thing to allow "men of God' to enter into your house if they ask to come. The problem is, most of the time they won't straight up tell us if they aren't interested. So then we have to go figure it out. Plus a lot of times they will just not answer the door from then on, or send their kids to tell you they are in the shower. But still, these people seemed decently interested! We ended up teaching a first lesson with a good amount of them. My favorite one was a random door knock at dinnertime, because it took a lot of faith to cut into dinnertime, and then we ended up teaching the Restoration AND getting fed by the same people we taught! XD

I'm going to end with a thought by Hyrum W Smith, "If you had any idea of who you were before you got here, the hair would stand up on the back of your neck." I got a quote book by Thomas S. Monson (which I LOVE), and it says something similar on the subject: "The most realistic self-image of all is to conceive of yourself as made in the image of God." "To live greatly, we must develop the capacity to face trouble with courage, disappointment with cheerfulness, and triumph with humility. You ask, 'How might we achieve these goals?' I answer, 'By getting a true perspective of who we really are!' We are sons and daughters of a living God in whose image we have been created." Whenever you so happen to get discouraged, might I give you a bit of advice that has helped me: take strength from the valiance of your premortal self and your potential post-mortal destiny. Respond to Satan just like this meme says:

Have a great week! Love you all!

Elder Poulson

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