Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Dying from Hawaiian and Living through Giving

Hello mis queridos amigos y familia! What is down? :D (If you think about it, that makes just as much sense as what's up) I had quite the crazy week, let me tell ya about it :)

Well it all started when transfers rolled around and *drum roll please*....... I'm still with Elder Eldredge! ^-^ We work well together and get along great, so I'm not really complaining :) However, my bro Elder Keeler DID get transferred, which was kinda sad :/ We are actually getting 12 new Spanish missionaries next transfer, which means literally about half of us are training, and since I am older in the mission in Spanish land, I don't really stand a chance. I'll probably end up training. Who knows though! Either way, the Lord is in charge, so I'm down for whatever adventure he sends me on :)

I am exhausted because today was TEMPLE P-DAY!!! :D :D :D I LOVE temple P-days! They only happen once every six months here, but they sure are a blessing to have :) I learned a lot. Revelation is a real thing, and a main medium for receiving support from our Father in Heaven.

What is also a very real thing is smartphones! In 2 Weeks! Who is counting though, right? ;)

We were in a great hurry on Friday night, but Elder Eldredge found the time to make some Hawaiian food, something called "Spamusabi". He took some spam and rice and then wrapped some seaweed around it. The last time he made it he gave me some, and it was okay. Not my favorite. This time he gave me a lot, and I ate it all in my haste to get out the door.

Well, Friday night rolls around, and Elder Poulson doesn't feel too good. So we turn in to bed a bit earlier than usual, and we both clock out. At about 11:30, Elder Poulson stomach wakes him up with some rude painful exclamations. After sitting in the bathroom for about half an hour, the Spamusabi finally decided to make it's way back out of my stomach in a series of five terribly forceful and loud vomit spasms. After fain attempt to sleep again, another five spasms struck. I essentially didn't sleep a wink that night. Unarguably the WORST night of my entire mission! Oh my goodness it was horrible! We headed over to Emergency Care at 5 when I finally caved in and asked my companion to drive me. They were closed. I called the mission nurse, and she scolded me for going to Urgent Care! Haha :P She just told me to drink sips of water every 15 minutes, and I would be find. In the end, all was well, but it took most of Saturday to get over! NOT a fun experience!

In a disguised blessing sort of way, however, I did get to watch all 50 of the life of Christ videos. If you do not yet know, let there be no doubt: Jesus is and was the Christ. He gave us the perfect example of how to live, which consists of one main principle: Do what the Father asks. Do HIS will over our own. We would all do well to seek to follow that example.

Oh, P.S, I also fell really hard on Tuesday during workouts and was hobbling around for a couple days with a bruised hip like an old curly headed man! Life has not been merciful lately! XD

But we had some wonderful experiences this week. Especially last night. We had a family home evening with the familia Jolon and Alvarez, and it was just wonderful :) Mayfer will be baptized sometime next month, with little doubt to it ^-^ So that is exciting!

What did I learn this week? Live to serve. As missionaries, we SERVE to years on a mission. We are here to serve, and when we live to serve, we love to live! It is that simple. Christ has told us that what we do to anyone else we are doing to Him. Ought we not to serve our Heavenly King? Live to serve. There is SO much more joy in it! Forget yourself, and you won't need to worry. So find one way this week in which you can serve more, in your family, job, etc. The best thing you could EVER do for someone is give them an invitation to hear about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So if and when the opportunity arises, pray for the sensitivity to recognize it and the courage to take it! ^-^

Well, that is all for this week. I love you all, have a great week!

Elder Poulson

Temple P-day

I found a photo online of Spam Musubi.  I guess Hawaiians eat a ton of spam.  I looked online and found that over 6 million cans of spam are eaten every year in Hawaii.  
Poor Elder Bry.....no more spam for him.

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