Monday, September 11, 2017

Grotesquely Optimistic

Why HELLO! family and friends! How are you all doing today? Whatever the answer may be, I hope reading this can cheer you up a little bit ;)

We had a great week over here in Long Beach! We did a fair amount of teaching, which is always something to be grateful for :) We actually have a baptismal date set for Jackie, and we have high hopes for her to be baptized next month! So we'll see how that goes :) As a general whole, our investigators are doing great. The Romeros, Mayfer, and a new one, Diana, are all doing well!

The other day, we had a brief conversation with some random guy, and then started talking to his friend about the Gospel. The friend wasn't super interested, but as we finished talking to him, the other guy came back. He stopped in front of my companion, took of his shoes, looked him up and down as he walked in a circle around him, put back on his shoes, and then handed my companion a banana. And then he walked away. XD We have NO idea why that happened, but I'm not complaining, because GUESS WHAT!?!? The sticker on the banana says I can enter to win a FREE BANANA COSTUME!!! :D :D :D :D :D Just imagine it! I walk down the escalator on the day I fly home, in a banana costume! XD It was really just kind of funny though, that entire situation! You get all varieties of people in Long Beach ^-^

Tangled gets the credit for the title of this one. "Call us brutal, cruel, sadistic, and grotesquely optimistic, but way down deep inside I've got a dream!" Haha yup, welcome to my mind ^-^ I learned about optimism this week. I've always considered myself an optimist, but I don't think I quite understood what it truly means. I learned this week that to be optimistic is to expect good things to happen, yes, but then to act under that assurance. Meaning, essentially, "do many good things of your own free will." (D&C) I have found that when I am consistently putting away all negative things and seeking to find the good and do good things, I accomplish good things, and I feel good :) If we look to the light, and seek to reflect that light, we ourselves will be filled with light. I had a great week because I chose to :) Now optimism does not mean you are never sad. The joy of the Gospel doesn't even prevent one from being sad sometimes. But optimism means you can pull out of it by the strength of your determination that everything will be alright AND your commitment to seek to do good.

Well, hope that made sense. It all made sense to me ^-^ I hope you have a great week! Love you all, don't forget to be truly optimistic!

Elder Poulson

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