Monday, September 4, 2017

Put Your Hands in the Air!!!

To My Dearest Friends and Family,

Good Morrow good fellows! I expect that you had the most splendid of weeks! I, too, enjoyed myself this remarkable week in the great city of Long Beach! 

On this end, we actually had a REALLY good week! Not just because we had fun, but we were super focused on our purpose, and just followed the Spirit. Newsflash: that is what makes a week in the mission good!

By following the spirit, we found some people to teach with GREAT potential!

Great story of the week: the little niece of a less active member was holding this big nerf gun when we came over. There was a huge pile of them that the kids had. Well this little girl, Sophia, walks up to me with the gun and yells, "Put your hands in the air!!!" I acted all scared and threw my hands in the air. The thing is, as I'm assuming most if not all of you know, my left arm locks at a certain point when I try to put it in the air. So I am standing here with one arm all the way up, and the other a little over halfway. Well Sophia of course notices, and yells out, "No! All the way up!" I more or less distraughtly said, "I'm sorry, I can't!" She proceeded to put the gun down and show me with her own arms. "Like this!" I kept trying to explain I couldn't, but she just wouldn't get it. It was hilarious! XD

What did Elder Poulson learn this week, you may ask? Well, our purpose it to bring souls unto Christ. Already knew that. But I have been studying the first chapter of Preach My Gospel, which is all about our purpose. It elaborates a little bit more. I have been told that Elder Bednar once showed that manual to a group of Elders and said, "This was supposed to be called 'Preach My Gospel by the Spirit.' We didn't like how it looked, so we changed it. But that is what it was supposed to be called. If you search the scripture reference on front, that is what it says." My ONLY responsibility is to do God's will, and I know God's will how? By the Spirit. So my commitment to follow the spirit has increased drastically this week. And I really saw the blessings of it.

I'm being that guy who is using someone else's email time, so I'ma go. Love you all!!!

Elder Poulson :)

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