Monday, October 2, 2017

Faith Unto Repentance

Hey famiry and friends!!! :D I hope you are all doing splendid! I mean, if you watched conference, you should be just so full of spiritual light and knowledge that you can't help but be splendid! ;) I LOVED conference! I watched the Sunday sessions in Spanish, and even though I could technically understand them, it was hard to intellectually put together everything they were saying. But the Saturday sessions were WONDERFUL!!! :D

Mayfer (and his 8 year old sister Hailey) are going to get baptized on the 7th!!! *Everyone cheers* We are super excited for that! Plus he chose me to baptize him, which always is a great honor ^-^ I love watching people enter into the covenants of baptism. I always feel good after a baptism :)

As for other investigators, Diana should be getting baptized on the 14th! There is no reason she won't make that date, so we are excited about that :) Jackie has been... kind of dodgy. We'll see if we can't teach her more this week. We did find a new couple named Octavio and Gilmay! We had something of a miracle finding experience with them, and it turns out they have both been taught by missionaries before and are interested in learning more! They didn't make it to conference, but we are hoping to teach them again this week.

What did I learn this week, you may ask? I learned about FAITH UNTO REPENTANCE! I had always understood the terms, but my understanding and testimony of them shot up this week! I realized some things:

- Faith is a belief in something you DO NOT know, manifested by action.
- It is impossible to have both perfect knowledge and faith.
- Faith in Jesus Christ means you trust Him enough to do what he asks.
- Faith is the process by which we go to a knowledge of truth.
- Repentance is the process by which we assimilate that knowledge into our character.
- Repentance is a positive experience and essentially the reason we are here: to repent.

An example: a principle in missionary work is that if you talk to everyone, you will find people to teach. So I talk to everyone, even though I am scared out of my mind, because I have faith in that promise from God. Then we find people to teach! I now know for myself that is a true principle, so I want to assimilate it into my character, or else at some point down the road I might stop talking to everyone. So I repent and change not only my behavior, but my character. It becomes a habit and it becomes less hard, seeing as I see the fruits of it. It is a positive experience. And I become one step closer to being the missionary God would have me be.

The same thing can be applied for developing attributes of Christ, living principles in ancient and modern scripture, and following the council we received in this General Conference! Try it out ;)

I would like you all to know that I KNOW the Savior is there. I have acted in faith and I have learned that principle for myself. And a large part of that knowledge came from reading the Book of Mormon and praying for an answer, to the point where I now KNOW that the Book of Mormon is true. I have the right to KNOW that because I acted in faith on the promise that he who reads with a sincere heart, real intent, and faith in Christ can come to KNOW that it is true.

Now that is not to say I am not tempted to doubt it sometimes. My knowledge is not so perfect that like the Brother of Jared the veil is lifted and I can see God. But I know what I have seen, heard, and felt, and I gain more and more of a surety of these things everyday. So if you can't say you have begun to KNOW that these things are true, it might be about time to start, don't you think? :)

That is all! Love you all, bye!!!

Elder Poulson

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