Monday, October 9, 2017


Hey family and friends! I used my time unwisely this week, which is ironic since I now have more liberty with my SMARTPHONE! The transition has been crazy, but they really are great to have. Anyways, I apologize for the shortness of this email ^-^

Mayfer's and Hailey's baptism truly was a wonderful experience. His dad ended up giving the prayer at the end, and he choked up in the middle. He felt the Spirit so strong. That family is on the path to sealing, and I am humbly grateful for the opportunity to serve them and be a part of that.

Diana is on date for this Saturday, but didn't come to church... not sure why. We can't get a hold of them. Hopefully that changes.

My break through of the week was that I really am just here to serve. No I know that sounds obvious but the way it clicked in my head this week really changed my perspective of missionary work and how happy I am to be doing it. President Hinckley said, "Why are our missionaries happy? Because they lose themselves in the service of others." I truly learned this week to learn to lose myself in the service of others. And as much as I may have said this, that truly changed my mission. I know now that if I keep my unending desire to help people (which is our purpose, really) as the motivating force behind my work, I truly will change lives, and I truly will be happy.

Now go and lose yourself in serving others. You'll find your life will take on a new light :) Try the teachings of President hinckley, chapter 14.

I love you all! Have a great week! And study those conference talks. They are God telling you His will to you through his chosen servants. Bye!

Elder Poulson

Elder Poulson & Mayfer

Elder Eldredge & Hailey

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